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storks movie and adoption triggers

Storks adoption and foster trigger warning…. “Orphan Hurts My Heart”

Storks flies into theaters on September 23rd and it is sure to be a hit. Storks comes from the hysterical geniuses behind The LEGO Movie and it is just as charming in many ways.  The…
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camping at the San Diego Zoo

Camping at the San Diego Zoo – Wildlife Sleepovers!

We bid farewell to Summer with an overnight camping trip at the San Diego Zoo.  While attending the press junket for The Wild Life we were able to visit the World Famous San Diego Zoo. …
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Santa Barbara Mission free printable

A tour of Mission Santa Barbara and a FREE activity sheet

As a home schooling family we try to make learning part of every trip. On our last trip up the California Coast it of course made sense to visit a mission or two.  History has…
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how we treat eczema naturally

How we treat eczema naturally with diet modification

I have been doing a lot of research about food sensitivities and allergies recently. It’s fascinating.  Our youngest daughter has had severe eczema from about three months of age on. We desperately wanted to treat…
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queen of katwe movie about a chess champion from Uganda

Queen of Katwe will restore your faith in humanity.

Queen of Katwe official opens in select theaters today. Based on a true story, it is sure to inspire audiences everywhere. Queen of Katwe is based on the book by the same name which celebrates…
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vacation fund jar for kids

Vacation Fund Jar for kids

  Our vacation fund jar is mostly symbolism, but we love it.  We decided years ago that debt free was the way to be. We plan out everything. Our goal is to always pay cash,…
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Wrinkle in time actress

“A Wrinkle In Time” the movie is coming from Walt Disney Studios!

The classic novel “A Wrinkle in Time” is being made into a film by Walt Disney Studios.  The film adaptation of the wildly popular children’s book by Madeleine L’Engle’s does not have an opening date…
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top disney costumes

Top Disney Costumes!

My kids made a list of a few of their top Disney costumes.  With Mickey’s Halloween Party almost here and Halloween just around the corner it is time to pick your costume.  We don’t like…
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How to Make Money Blogging

This post is long overdue.  I promised those of you who are interested in learning to blog that I would share a post about how to monetize your blog two months ago.  I am super…
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Kate and family

Highlights Along the Way

Hi! My name is Kate, welcome to my little corner of the internet! A little about me, I am a wife, a mommy, and a blogger. I love adoption, Disney, exploring SoCal, and encouraging my kids to eat healthy. Grab a cup of coffee, hang out for a while, and please invite a friend….

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