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Photobombed. A Ukraine Adoption. Going from 6 to 9 kids!

adopt from Ukraine

I was wrong.  I just wanted a picture with my girl, that beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed soft-spoken sweetheart. We were hosting V through Project143, an orphan hosting program. She…

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A Birth Mother’s Story

meeting birth family

Adoption is sometimes romanticized, and generally from the adoptive parent’s perspective.  It really is a miracle in so many ways, but adoption cannot happen without loss. Today I have a…

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So different from what I imagined, but perfect….. our adoption story

so different

November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  As most here know, our family was formed through adoption.  While we have shared bits of our story, I absolutely love to share adoption…

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Bittersweet Destiny

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain…

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Storks adoption and foster trigger warning…. “Orphan Hurts My Heart”

storks movie and adoption triggers

Storks flies into theaters on September 23rd and it is sure to be a hit. Storks comes from the hysterical geniuses behind The LEGO Movie and it is just as…

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Russian adoptee tells her story.

Russian adoptee

My friend Tati is here today as our guest blogger. Tati is a Russian adoptee who is all grown up and was willing to share her journey.  I am thankful…

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The Journey to Masha : An orphan hosting and older child adoption story

When my husband and I started our adoption journey 10 years ago we knew one other couple at our church that had adopted, that was it.  At that time there…

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International Adoption in China – the story of Finn *Video*

I am so thankful for Sharingdots who is sharing a guest post today about an International Adoption in China.  I love to share positive adoption stories here on Highlights Along…

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How to Adopt – broken down into simple steps!

November is National Adoption Awareness Month – I am so happy to have some guest writers who are sharing their insights and stories about adoption.   Today Ashlene from Adoption Center…

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My Adoption Journey to “My Aiden”

Once again, we are celebrating that October is Down Syndrome Awareness month with a beautiful story of adoption. While we do not have anyone in our family with Down Syndrome,…

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We adopted two little girls with Down Syndrome – Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Adopting children with Down Syndrome October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and I am so thrilled a couple wonderful friends were willing to share their stories about how they adopted…

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A six year adoption journey – part 2

Last week our friend Janell shared about the beginning of her family’s long journey to their little girl – here we get to meet her! If you didn’t read part…

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Adoption blogs are an important resource for families considering adoption.  Many know that our family was formed through adoption.  Our oldest is our only biological, or natural child.  International adoption is the journey we chose for our son, he was born in Russia.  After a whole lot of drama our youngest joined our family as an infant through a private adoption.  While our son’s adoption is completely closed, our daughter’s adoption is semi open.  When we started “Highlights Along the Way” we were committed to having a section to share about adoption.

People have always wondered how a family like ours was able to adopt. California is an expensive place to live. Both of our adoptions happened during a time when my husband was a teacher and I made a small income blogging from home.  How does a regular family afford adoption?  We hope that this series of adoption related posts will inspire others.  We hope readers will see that the financial sacrifice is worth it!  Adoption can be expensive, but it can also be free.  We share about everything from adoption grants to ways to save and even raise funds for an adoption process.  We share stories of other families with low to moderate income that also adopted.

While we have shared a bit about our adoption process, we really love sharing our reader’s stories too!  Guest bloggers have been sharing their adoption stories with our audience for years.  Adoption is so much bigger than our family’s experience. We have shared about our Russian adoption as well as our domestic private adoption, but there are so many other stories. I am so thankful for readers that taken the time to share as well.  My hope is truly that this blog normalizes adoption.  Our children’s adoptions are part of them, but it does not define them.  We celebrate our adoptions and how our family was woven together, but it really doesn’t make us much different than any other family.

Orphan causes have always tugged deeply on my heart strings.  I always knew I would adopt and my husband embraced the idea early in our courtship.  We are so thankful that adoption is part of our story but our family could only do so much.  The statistic of over 143 million documented orphans worldwide literally keeps me up at night.  Our family hopes to encourage you to consider adoption.  Orphan charities and orphan prevention charities are our favorites.

Ultimately, we just want to normalize adoption to others.  Adoption may not be common, but it is normal.  We hope that you see our family as any other family.  We love one another as perfectly and imperfectly as we might if we shared DNA. When you read our stories and others+