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Instant Pot Pumpkin Apple Butter from scratch

Instant Pot Pumpkin Apple Butter

Posted on: by Kate

I have been making pumpkin apple butter in my crock pot for years.  We are known throughout the neighborhood as the people you give your uncarved pumpkins to after Halloween….

close up of chicken tikka masala

Instant Pot Tikka Masala – Easy and Whole30 compliant!

Posted on: by Kate

My Instant Pot is my new best friend. It sat in the box on my counter for two weeks before I finally opened it but I am so glad I…

how we treat eczema naturally

How we treat eczema naturally with diet modification

Posted on: by Kate

I have been doing a lot of research about food sensitivities and allergies recently. It’s fascinating.  Our youngest daughter has had severe eczema from about three months of age on….

gluten free lunch box ideas

3 Simple Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

Posted on: by Kate

Our family decided that Gluten Free was the way to be last year.  I plan on sharing more about that decision soon, but for now I want to share about…

gluten free pot pies

Gluten Free Pot Pies by Blake’s All Natural

Posted on: by Kate

I think I have mentioned this before; my kids love pot pies.  So naturally, we were thrilled to partner with Blake’s All Natural Foods to share about their new gluten…

BB8 Cupcakes, Star Wars The Force Awakens

Posted on: by Kate

So we made some easy BB8 cupcakes for our son’s Star Wars birthday…. sort of.  I suppose I should say we attempted some DIY BB8 cupcakes.  We really tried.  I…

NEW! PCH Grill Buffet at Paradise Pier Hotel

Posted on: by Kate

Disney’s PCH Grill is a new dining option available at the Disneyland Resort that is sure to be a great addition for many families. PCH Grill has a relaxed and…

Be a Superhero at Back to School! FREE Printable

Posted on: by Kate

I am not sure how we got to back to school already, but here we are. It is no secret that my son is into MARVEL superheroes big time.  I’m…

FREEZE your Gogo Squeez – Mom Hack!

Posted on: by Kate

Last year we won a year supply of Gogo Squeez at a a family conference and my kids were thrilled!  We have always been fans of Gogo Squeez anyway and…


Easy Citrus and Salsa Marinade using Foster Farms Simply Raised

Posted on: by Kate

One of the reasons we love Summer time is because it is time for grilling!  My husband is amazing with the grill and I love to pass over cooking duties…

Rainbow Unicorn Party Punch

Posted on: by Kate

So my littlest went through about five hundred different themes for her birthday party – Dora, Princess, Frozen (She decided against Frozen because “Grandma’s birfday is right after my birfday…

Inside Out smores

Inside out printable recipes

Posted on: by Kate

You guys – we saw Inside Out the other day and I can’t spoil a thing, but got me deep down.  #SoManyFeels ….. The kids actually saw a sneak peek…