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Beauty and The Beast Live Action photos …… it’s OK to cry

Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney animated film that was produced during my lifetime.  The animation, story, music, all of it was perfection.  I audibly gasped when I…

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Queen of Katwe will restore your faith in humanity.

queen of katwe movie about a chess champion from Uganda

Queen of Katwe is now available to view at home!!!   Queen of Katwe official opens in select theaters today. Based on a true story, it is sure to inspire…

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MOANA trailer released! Coming to theaters in November!

Concept art for Moana

The newest Disney princess is about to hit theaters and we could not be more thrilled! Walt Disney Animation has just released the Moana trailer and Princess Moana has already…

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The BFG – a film review from an adoptive mom’s perspective

bfg adoption

The BFG opens in theaters TODAY and it is a perfect movie for the whole family!  The BFG is a beloved children’s novel that I remember a teacher reading to…

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An interview with Penelope Wilton and Rebecca Hall from The BFG

queen interview

So today I get to share with you about that one time I interviewed the Queen of England.  I mean, sort of.  That was maybe misleading.  Let me start over. …

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An interview with Mark Rylance and Jemaine Clement from The BFG

Mark Rylance interview bfg

We are just a few days away from The BFG opening in theaters and our whole family cannot wait!  As most of you know, I had the honor of walking…

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The BFG premiere on the Red Carpet!

the bfg movie premiere

I will never tire of the magic of a red carpet walk.  I was surprised on Monday morning to get a last minute invite to the The BFG Red Carpet…

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The BFG coloring pages – free printables!

bfg coloring pages

The BFG opens in theaters on July 1st and we are thrilled!  Our kids love the classic 1980’s children’s novel. Both kids have read it several times.  The BFG has…

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Pete’s Dragon Sneak Peek

petes dragon trailer

I am thrilled today to share a Pete’s Dragon sneak peek.  I have loved watching classic Disney films reimagined and retold with modern twists and today’s technology. When I saw…

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Moana sneak peek!

Moana sneak peek

I first heard of Moana while at D23 Expo.  Disney shared about so many awesome upcoming movies and of course I am always excited to hear about upcoming animated features. …

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ZOOTOPIA bonus content

Chief Bogo Zootopia

Zootopia fans rejoice!  Today is the day you can watch Zootopia in the comfort of your own living room.  Zootopia is official available for Blu-Ray and DVD today – June…

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The Animators of Zootopia – an Exclusive Interview

animators of zootopia

Zootopia comes to Blu-Ray and DVD in just a few days!  Today I am sharing the highlights of our interview with just a couple of the animators of Zootopia.  Last…

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Disney Movies

Disney movies have been a staple for decades.  We feel the Disney name has always stood for revolutionary, wholesome, and timeless.  Generations have enjoyed animation and live action films from Disney for years.  We love classic hand drawn animation, revolutionary computer generated animation, live action based on real life movies, and more!  Here we share interviews with artists, animators, directors, actors, and the people that stories were inspired by.  We do our best to share sneak peeks, trailers, and teasers as soon as they come out. We also share free printable from your favorite Disney movies – Frozen, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, Cinderella, and more!  We share candid insights and recommendations on upcoming movies from our favorite company – Walt Disney Studios!