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Chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Ice Cream Recipe : Veggies Don’t Bite!

I am ridiculously excited to introduce Sophia from Veggies Don’t Bite to share her vegan ice cream recipe with us.  Our family is not vegan but I am always looking…

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Cook Pumpkin in a Crock Pot

Cook a pumpkin in a crock pot

I am in love with two things – pumpkin and my crock pot.  They are amazing individually but you cook pumpkin IN a Crock Pot (or any slow cooker)  –…

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Pumpkin Butter Pancake Recipe

Easy Pumpkin Butter Pancake recipe

Our kids LOVE pancakes!  We tend to make a big batch of pancakes once or twice a month – we eat our fill one morning but we also make dozens…

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Pizza Zucchini Boats : Kids in the Kitchen

Zucchini pizza

So our kids are great, but they have grown weary of zucchini.  Even with a few plants succumbing to powdery mildew we are still harvesting zucchini every day.  I wanted…

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DIY Pumpkin Iced Latte : With REAL Pumpkin!

diy pumpkin iced latte

So I am sure many of you have seen that ‘what’s in a pumpkin spiced latte’ image floating around the internet.  I am not quite as addicted to Pumpkin Lattes…

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Two Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins : You are welcome.

2 ingredient pumpkin pie muffins

Brace yourself.  It’s Fall, or as I like to call it; ‘put pumpkin in everything‘ season.  I love Pumpkin.  One of our favorite recipes that I honestly make year round…

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DIY Olaf in Greek Yogurt! Healthy Cute Food!


So, our family is still obsessed with Olaf and Frozen – how about yours?  I am thrilled to introduce today’s guest blogger – my friend Heather from @HawthorneFamilyEats . Heather…

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Zucchini Pesto : Simple recipe to use up bumper crop zucchini


So I think I have mentioned this before….. we have a boat load of zucchini in our backyard garden.  We have been eating zucchini almost every night, we’ve been sharing…

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Easy Healthy Crust-less Quiche


Today’s Meatless Monday is an easy healthy crust-less quiche that is chopped full of healthy veggies straight from our garden.  This quiche is super easy, uses a lot of fresh…

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The Hundred-Foot Journey Inspired Recipes

The Hundred Foot Journey gratin potatoes recipe

The Hundred-Foot Journey from Dreamworks opens in theaters on August 8, 2014 and is sure to be a hit!  Check out the trailer below and get excited with me about…

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Zucchini Sliders

zucchini sliders and side

So if you follow along on Instagram you know we have a bumper crop of greyzini zucchini.  We cannot believe how much zucchini we have coming up and it is…

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Tips for Making a Meal for a New Family


Over the years we have made quite a few dinners or lunches for new families!  When a mom comes home with a new baby or a family adopts a sibling…

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