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Sing Movie Coloring Sheets and Printables

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Sing Movie Coloring Sheets
sing movie coloring sheets

Sing is in theaters on December 21st just in time for Christmas.  We saw an early screening last week and the kids were cracking up. I am thrilled to share some Sing Movie Coloring Sheets and Activity Sheets here!  These Sing printables are high resolution and free to download.  Thank you to Illumination Studios for allowing us to share with our readers.

I’d be lying if I said I loved it. It was fun for the kids, but it didn’t really keep my attention. If I wanted to nit pick, I could say some things about stereotypes that did society no favors…. but I am trying not to nit pick.  Since I am being nit picky, I am not a fan of kids movies have jokes that are inappropriate for kids.  I had to lean over to my 10 year olds on more than one occasion and say “Do not repeat that.”. Sing is a little naughty. Fair warning friends.

While I didn’t love it, I seemed to be in the minority in the theaters.  It does offer tons of laughs, awesome music, incredible animation, and a great overall message. Sing is coming out at the perfect time for families to enjoy during the holiday season. And because our readers love animated films and free printables associated with those films I had to share!

Below are several printables to celebrate the movie Sing.  These Sing Movie Coloring sheets and printables are free to download and use as you would like.  Enjoy free Sing coloring sheets and dot to dots, also feel free to print out the entire Sing Printables collection with the download at the bottom. You can also pick and choose your favorites. We have coloring sheets, Sing Holiday Ornaments, finger puppets of your favorite characters, word searches, and more!

sing movie coloring sheet, Meena the elephant sing movie coloring sheet, Johnny the gorilla
sing printable ornaments


Dowload all the Sing coloring and activity sheets by using this link.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Devon F says:

    This is going to be such a cute movie! Can’t wait to take my girls to see it!

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