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25 days of Christmas 2016

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25 days of Christmas

Happy Holidays one and all!  I don’t know about you, but I am so ready to take every opportunity I can to celebrate the Christmas season this year.  Starting on Decemeber 1st, Freeform is celebrating 25 days of Christmas. Many may remember watching 25 days of Christmas over the years on ABC Family.  It has been a family tradition in our house as well.  ABC Family has been renamed and slightly rebranded as “Freeform” but 25 days of Christmas remains the same. You can check out the entire line up of continuous movies and specials playing on Freeform here!


Freeform is decidedly more grown up than it was as ABC Family.  Those that are wondering will be happy to know that 25 days of Christmas is the same old fashioned family time that we have loved over the years. With movies like Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, Frozen, Elf, The Polar Express,and more, you will see it is the same as ever.  While we have seen most of the movies in the line up, we love that we can flip on the TV and enjoy a movie together as a family.

The holiday season can be such a busy time, especially for families.  We have noticed that some days we run so hard that we don’t even pause to enjoy the moment. This season seems long, but it actually is gone in a flash. I am so thankful for Freeform for building in a bit of down time for us! We’ve already got our list of days we are planning to take the night off.

Make sure to check out the line up and make some plans for a cozy night in.  Several movies and shows play all evening long starting at about 5pm and until after midnight! Grab your holiday pajamas, popcorn, and hot cocoa and make take a moment to just rest with those you love.

Top photo by As the Bunny Hops and used with permission.

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Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Catherine Schwartz says:

    One of my favorite times of the year! It always finally feels like christmas time when 25 days of christmas kicks off!

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