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Kate and family

Thank you for stopping by Highlights Along the Way.  We are a family fun, travel, and entertainment site and we love to highlight the things that make us happy here.  Sort of. Not really anymore, but we’ve got lots of old stuff that might be fun for you to use as a resource.

*Update 8/2020* – Things have changed a lot here! We moved from San Diego to Los Angeles this summer.  While our blog used to cover a little bit of everything, we now are focusing mostly on travel and family friendly entertainment. We hope to still keep you up to date on new movies, TV shows, and fun things to do in Southern California.  The kids are bigger and I am working mostly as a freelance illustrator.  I would love for you to check out Kate Ham Art and keep me in mind for for your children’s book!

We had a ton of fun blogging about SoCal theme parks and fun travel for several years.  I was thankful for the opportunity to work from home as a freelance travel and entertainment writer while my kids were little and they attended a public charter that involved small classes and partial homeschooling.  I always knew this would just be a season and we were so grateful for that way to make a living. If you are looking to blog from home for profit or for fun, I hope you will check out the how to blog content I will keep up on this site.  I always promised my kids they did not have to be involved in pictures on the blog here. I paid them to be models and they never had to go to an event or be in a picture if they didn’t want to.  Once it became even a hint of a struggle we pumped the breaks. 

Our family travel content is still relevant and we have chosen to leave it up for folks to use as a resource.  Most of my content does not involve our kids; or involves them less I should say. You can still see a peek of our family life when my tribe is willing on Instagram; I hope you will follow us there.  Honestly though; I can’t keep up with / have no desire to keep up with pretty Instagram pages. I update sometimes daily; sometimes weekly. I’m not great at engagement. I refuse to use filters and I don’t keep up on trends.  I tried for a few years guys… but only because it can be lucrative. It wasn’t for me though. I’m much more comfortable behind the camera so we may smile every once in a while for a pic, but don’t follow me if that is what you are looking for. 

Most of our new content is coloring pages and printables celebrating animation which was my first love.  We hope you will check it out!

This is a very old picture…..

harry kate-0018
Photo by Limelife Photography


We have three fantastic kids. This is also a very old picture.

Catching Up With Kate

I don’t use their names on purpose and I am very protective.  They love that Mommy blogs about things they are interested in, but they also appreciate I rarely blog about them.  I will not share their secrets, their struggles, their embarrassments, or even most of their achievements.  I won’t share their schools or after school activities.

Anywho – we are in Los Angeles and we still sometimes like to feature a fun place on Instagram.  I am also available for your artistic needs.  I would love for you to reach out if I can help!  If you are just here for fun, thank you! Please feel free to check out our printables, travel, and even some old archived recipes and crafts.  Feel free to ignore the ads on the sidebar – they keep the lights on over here and don’t cost you anything! Win win!