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Acadia Denali : Luxury Crossover Review

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Disclosure: Thank you to GMC for allowing our family to enjoy a press loaner for a week to facilitate this review.


My husband and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to review an Acadia Denali Luxury Crossover for a week.   We sometimes enjoy a rental car on a quick getaway, but this past week we really just stayed at home.  We shuffled the kids around to school and practice, we ran errands, did some around our town entertainment, and as many of you in SoCal know, we got caught in a couple rain storms.

To say the hubs and I typically drive modest cars is an understatement.  As you can imagine, our eyes were opened to an entire new world when we got behind the wheel of our bright and shiny Acadia Denali!

We were immediately impressed by the incredibly smooth ride; even in the rain.  We loved the voice activated controls and roomy interior.  The technology features made us feel not only more comfortable, but also safer!


The kids were so excited to jump into the third row seats in the back!  The interior was roomy and easy for three kids to shuffle in and out of and we found that installing Little Miss C’s carseat was really easy – much easier than the smaller SUV we currently drive.

I honestly could not settle on what my very favorite feature was – so I am going to tell you about all three!


Rear Vision Camera – This was so very helpful! Rear Vision Camera system comes standard in all 2014 GMC Acadia Denalis. Make maneuvering and parking your Acadia – even in the tightest of spots – easier with a clearer view of vehicles behind you, displayed in the high definition Color Touch radio screen.  We loved that it not only gave us an awesome view of what was going on, but there was a warning when a car/person was coming up on either side (outside of the camera view!).  The color coding of red, yellow, and green was easy to understand and I must say, the back up camera will be at the top of our list when we are in the market for a new car.

Blind Spot Detection – This was also something I didn’t realize how much I ‘needed’ until I drove the Acadia.  These technologies match smart engineering with driver-centric safety, using radar to help watch where you might not see. When a car enters your blind zone it warns you of a possible collision.


Seat Warmers and Air Conditioning – Oh my goodness, I probably don’t need to explain this – it is exactly as stated – you push a button and your seats almost instantly adjust to a cozy or cool setting.  This is a little slice of heaven I never knew I needed.

We are not in the market for a new car anytime soon, but I gotta admit – he does look pretty good behind the wheel of an Acadia Denali!


A huge thank you again to the good folks at GMC for allowing us to be a part of this campaign!  Our family sincerely loved the opportunity to upgrade for the week – oh how she will be missed!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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