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Posted on: by Kate


If you are around me for any amount of time, you know that I love adoption.  If you follow me on any form of social media you have probably seen me post a picture of something I won in an adoption fundraiser, and you certainly remember me asking you to consider donating to a family’s adoption fund.  Orphan advocacy has become a piece of our life that I don’t think will end until the orphan crisis is over; and I am not sure I will ever see that day.  I love what the company Noonday Collection is doing to share orphan awareness as well as being part of the solution for orphans and adoptive families.

One thing that hit me hard when coming home from Russia with our son was how we brought home one.  Just one.  Maybe we could bring home one or two more someday, but what is that?  Sure, it makes a difference to that one, to our starfish, but there are literally hundreds of millions of kids waiting for families (actual number, not an exaggeration for dramatic effect). In the big picture, we had done nothing.  This is how I felt anyway, just an incredible burden that I could not ever make right.

What we noticed over time is that adoption was not the only way our family could help an orphan or child in crisis.  We found that we could help others adopt, either by answering questions of those considering adoption, or helping them along the way once they have committed, sometimes it is donating to a waiting child fund.

Donating to a waiting child is kinda our favorite.  There are a few awesome grant organizations out there that fund raise (tax deductible) for hard to place children all over the world.  You can donate to a child waiting, if and when an adoptive family becomes available and once they are ready to travel the funds raised go to help with in country fees (travel, court fees, paperwork, etc.)  – Isn’t that awesome?  The number one reason people say they cannot adopt is the cost, adoption and orphan grant organizations have proven time and time again that if you fill up a kid’s grant (making it virtually free to adopt them) they get adopted – seems simple right?

So I have this friend Kelly who is not adopting (not just yet anyway, I’m kinda hoping and praying someday down the road she will…. no pressure Kelly…..) but she has always been supportive of our adoptions, our mutual friend’s adoptions, and now she is doing what she can to help a little boy waiting for a family.  Kelly donates to a little boy named “Whitaker” (name is changed for protection of the child) each month and advocates for him.

whitaker-reeces-rainbowIsn’t he sweet?  He needs a Mama stat!

She prays for him and is actually looking for a family for him (maybe it is you?), but she also donates to his fund, she knows his chances of adoption are higher as his grant grows.  In her free time (busy working mom of two) she is a Noonday Ambassador.  Kelly asked me to help her get the word out for Whitaker – help share with a couple friends, her prayer is that this little boy she has never met will someday be adopted, and I think that is beautiful prayer to have. She chose Noonday because it is ethically made, fair wage, it is gorgeous, and it helps adoptive families; it’s kind of a perfect fit!  I asked Kelly to answer a couple questions to share here. I put in a couple photos of Noonday Jewelry as well as her link just in case you want to do some shopping for a very noble cause (Mother’s Day is coming people….)


Kate : What is it that makes Noonday your choice over the other party business options out there?

Kelly : Noonday is a great cause bc it provides a fair wage to the artisans and helps lift them from poverty.  Also, I LOVE the unique products!  Noonday is not a pyramid scheme…’s very straight forward, if you love the products and the cause then become an Ambassador and sell it(;


Kate : What is your motivation as an ambassador?  What are other ambassador’s selling Noonday for?

Kelly : My motivation is to help lift the artisans and their families from poverty and keep their families together (ie they can feed their kids, etc).  Also, it’s a great platform to support my charity which is to advocate for Whitaker…..I give my profits to his adoption fund and prayer fully raise awareness at my Noonday trunk show by showing his picture, promoting donations, and seeking a family…getting the word out!   Most people are unaware of the orphan crisis; this encourages them to think about it and do what they can to help.  The purpose that Noonday is based on is from Isaiah 58:10, If you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the Noonday.  I like to encourage my audience to help satisfy the needs of the oppressed, whether its by buying some pretty earrings or in a more direct way.  I like to raise awareness.


Kate : Why Whitaker?

Kelly : I am familiar with his special needs and know that he needs a family quickly that can help support him medically.  I’m trying to raise awareness and funds very quickly to help with this – in an orphanage they do not get the care a family would give them and their mortality rate is higher.  *As Kelly has researched his condition she is more passionate than ever to get him into a family so he can thrive.*


Kate :  If you could encourage other families that are considering adoption or simply want to help those waiting for families even if adoption is not an option for them right now – what would you say?

Kelly : Find an orphan to support because many times you are ALL they have in the world.  That is unbelievable but true.  They need you prayer, your donations, your voice!  We can all do something!

Want to help but you aren’t interested in buying jewelry?  You can make a donation to Whitaker (or any child listed on Reece’s Rainbow!) and it is 100% tax deductible.  This money will only be used when this child is adopted, 100% goes towards a family’s in country fees.  It all adds up!  Kelly won’t be sad if you choose to donate directly, her passion is to advocate for one child at a time until they have a family.  If you want to donate to the little boy that has captured her heart and prayers it would sure make her day; bonus points if you adopt him!  If you do want to make a Noonday Purchase please check out Kelly Dean Noonday Collection and enter “Kelly Dean” as the Ambassador at check out.  She is donating everything she earns to Whitaker, I’d love to see a couple purchases – remember Mother’s Day is almost here!

Thank you to Kelly for sharing her heart with us, and thank you readers for taking the time to read and consider a cause that very dear to my heart.  I have said it before, I will say it again, if you ever have a question about adoption, please feel free to email me, I pray I am never too busy to answer it!

* This post is not sponsored in any way.  I am not a Noonday Ambassador, although I am considering it in the future.  My friend Kelly is an Ambassador, as stated above for the sole purpose of raising funds for a child’s adoption fees.  Any sales made will directly benefit “Whitaker” on Reece’s Rainbow, once he has a committed family, she will commit her sales towards another waiting child. I am not getting a ‘credit’ or ‘earning’ jewelry or anything like that, just helping her spread the word. Please consider making a purchase – it is fair wage/ ethically made and the only beneficiary is a sweet little kid who deserves a family!*

Oh! If you are an adopting family looking for a great fundraiser, I have heard of just about all of them, seriously – Noonday is my favorite adoption fundraiser to date!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Mama Mary says:

    I love this jewelry and I love the idea of buying and wearing jewelry that benefits such an amazing

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      it’s really beautiful – it reminds me of something you would see in Anthropologie – and it is a good cause =)

  2. laura says:

    This is really neat, and I love that it’s not another pyramid deal where your up-person makes money off of your sales. This truly helps others! (and it’s super pretty, too)

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      totally! I do think that some that sell Noonday do use it as a way to make $ for their family – Kelly just donates what her portion would be (I think it is 20% of the sale) – so it can work as a ‘direct sales’ deal like some of the more popular ones out there, but it just comes from a better place (fair wages for workers and the company donates to several adoption charities off their earnings too) – anyway, I love it! I have a couple pieces I have bought at parties and I always get compliments =)

  3. Deb says:

    You are such an inspiring adoption advocate. And THIS is an amazing cause to support in such a cool way.

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Thank you Deb!! It is a great cause and I am super proud of my friend for finding this way to advocate & I am super happy to use my blog to share about her cause =)

  4. Sondra says:

    Gorgeous jewelry and such a great cause. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Isn’t it pretty!? Pretty inventive way to try to make the world a better place =) Thanks for checking it out!

  5. I really, really appreciate everything about this post. Thank you for sharing, Kate. I will check it out and absolutely support Whitaker! Amazing idea, this company. 🙂

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