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So different from what I imagined, but perfect….. our adoption story

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November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  As most here know, our family was formed through adoption.  While we have shared bits of our story, I absolutely love to share adoption stories as often as possible.  Today my friend Sandy is sharing how she and her husband Sonny adopted their son Sean. I love their story and I am so thankful she was willing to share! If you are considering adoption, I hope you will check out our other Adoption Stories and resources! It is not exactly easy, but we hope to encourage our friends and readers that it is doable!

Here is Sandy in her own words…….

It’s funny how your life is often different than you planned, but much better than you could have imagined! When I was a young girl, I was sure I’d be married in my 20’s or 30’s with a bunch of kids. As I grew older, still unmarried, I saw the dream begin to dim. However, I had a full and active life, was serving the Lord as a missionary and continued to follow where He led me.

When my husband Sonny and I met and got married, we were in our early 40’s and all the years of waiting to find each other were so worth it! As we contemplated starting our family after a year of being married, we knew the odds weren’t in our favor for conceiving on our own. We had talked many times about adoption and were both open to it, but knew very little about the process.

As we started into the research phase, it soon became very overwhelming. From international to domestic options, using an agency or an attorney, filling out tons of paperwork, making hundreds of decisions, sorting out financial options – the list goes one. Thankfully, we knew several people who had adopted children via different methods, so it was helpful to talk with them.

As we made our choice to pursue a domestic adoption of an infant via an agency, we knew the wait could be short or long. The unknown and the waiting are the hardest parts of the process. Once the paperwork was finalized, the home-study done, and our portfolio completed, there was nothing left to do but pray – and wait.

Everyone’s story and journey is different. For us, the time spent in research, decisions and paperwork / home-study was a year, and the time from approval to placement was about another year. We had one false start, when we were told we had been matched, but it fell through a few weeks later. The disappointment was really tough to deal with, but we knew we had to keep trusting for just the right situation for us.

new baby

The wait was long, but in the end things moved crazy fast. We got the long-hoped-for phone call from the agency on a Friday, and our son was born the following Thursday. Talk about a whirlwind! From endless waiting for the phone to ring with good news to the joyful chaos of gathering all the baby basics in just a few days.

The day we saw our tiny son in the hospital for the first time was full of smiles, tears, joy and amazement. This precious child, lovingly entrusted to us by a courageous birth mom was the perfect completion to our little family.

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Today Sean is 8 years old and fills our home with laughter, creativity and endless energy. Sometimes we laugh about how two introverts ended up with the most extroverted, social kid imaginable. We smile and nod our heads when strangers tell us that he has daddy’s dark skin and mommy’s curly hair. And we’re thankful every day for the plans God had for us, so different than I imagined years ago, but the perfect plans for us.

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You can find Sonny, Sandy and Sean on the web at – their website and podcast about the family-friendly and budget-friendly hobby of geocaching. For those interested in photography, Sonny provides tips and training at

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Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Stephanie Warner says:

    Adoption stories get me every time !!! I’ve been through so many court dates, appearances, waiting outside, etc. THANK YOU, thank you for sharing! ♥️♥️♥️

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