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American Housewife – hits a little too close to home!

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Disclosure: Thank you to ABC for allowing me to have '2nd breakfast' with all of you and for an early screener. Opinions are always my own. Photo by ABC and used with permission.

As sheltering in place continues, we have been THRILLED to see some of our favorite shows have a new season of fresh shows.  American Housewife has been one of our favorite ABC shows for years.  I’m not sure what it is about Sassy Katie Otto, her husband, and three kids that I find so relatable; but we sure do love it!  American Housewife airs on ABC on Wednesday nights or you can be like us and watch it on Hulu. The show centers on a stay at home mom who doesn’t quite fit the mold.  The newest episode airs Wednesday November 25th at 8:30pm EST.


First off, for all of you who have been fans of the show for a while, we need to talk about something. Yes, the character Anna Kat has been recast. Julia Butters has moved on to pursue other opportunities. Listen; I love her as much as the rest of the viewing audience, but we need to wish her the best of luck and welcome Giselle Eisenberg.  Eisenberg is sure to capture the hearts with her own take on Ann Kat, she is clever, quirky, and so talented! I think she is a great addition to the show.

“With Anna-Kat and Franklin (Evan O’Toole) home with mono, Katie seizes the opportunity to use them as the backdrop for her mommy vlog. And when Taylor’s first college paper comes back with an A, Greg questions her TA’s intentions. Meanwhile, Cooper (Logan Pepper) helps Oliver renovate the basement.” ABC 

While I have always found a show about a mostly stay at home mom with three kids and a sassy mouth pretty relatable, I think this week’s episode goes above and beyond.  Katie Otto has decided after a few other career moves, it is time for her to start her own “Mommy Blog”.  As someone with a “Mommy Blog” of sorts, I could not stop laughing! Katie tries to fit into the ‘perfect mommy, perfect kiddo’ scene, and as one might assume; it does not go well for her.  Without giving anything away, Katie and her family find out that being authentic to who they are is really the best way to go. I think this is a great message for the whole family, and one we need to be reminded of every once in a while.

“American Housewife” is a great show to watch with the ones who accept you despite your flaws and who you accept despite theirs. I hope everyone reading has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend.  Our five pack is skipping our tradition of “Friendsgiving” just this once. If you need us, we will be watching “American Housewife” (and several other shows) safe at home in our jammies!

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Until Next Time ~ Kate
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