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Anacapa Island : National Park in Southern California

Disclosure: VenturaCountyWest hosted our family in order to facilitate a series of articles and social sharing about their County. Opinions are my own.

Anacapa Island is part of the Channel Island and is a protected National Park.  It is a beautiful National Park to visit if you are ever in Southern California.  Anacapa is a short boat trip from the harbor in Oxnard in VenturaCountyWest.  I wanted to share just a few photos of our boat trip to Anacapa and some of the beautiful sites while were exploring the Island.




ventura boat

ventura sea sick*There was some queasiness and we were afraid he might feed the fish his breakfast, thankfully it passed*

Ventura dolphinsAt one point we spotted dolphins!  The kids were squealing as they jumped in and out of the waves!


You can arrange to camp on Anacapa Island, but there is nothing I love more than not camping so you will have to find your information about how fun it is from someone else.  I am just going to share about our hike – it was really beautiful!

anacapa island lighthouse


Anacapa Island Water TowerFun fact – the building above is a water tower.  It kinda looks like a church, but it was never a church or house, it is just a water tower.  There are a couple schools of thought on why it looks the way it does.  Our guide said that it may look like an old church just to keep with the style of the other buildings (there are only a few on the Island), and another thought is that apparently back in the day people would boat over to the Island and use old buildings as target practice and the architect felt that shooters wouldn’t shoot at a church.  Who knows – but it was a cool story and the building is beautiful and serene even if it is just a water tower.

anacapa hikingLook at the big kids at the head of the pack – such eager little learners.  We use these trips as our field trip days.  #HomeschoolIsCool

AnacapaIsn’t that gorgeous friends?

anacapa homeschoolTaking notes – they are so cute!

anacapa“Daddy, I is so tired and so hot, can we goes back to da hotel now pwease?” “Soon Peanut.”

AnacapaThe park rangers were kind enough to help the kids with interviews.  They learned quite a lot on our day trip.

They even earned these sweet badges.

legit #Legit



anacapa light house

Harry and I and the big kids really enjoyed ourselves.  In an effort of full disclosure I should point out Little Miss C asked  “When da boat come back?” “When we go back to the hotel?” and stated “I no like Islands, Islands are not fun.  Da pool is fun, but this Island is not a fun place.” and other not so complimentary statements throughout the trip.  *All Opinions are Her Own.* She really enjoyed the boat ride over and fell asleep on the boat ride back.  In retrospect if we were to do it again one of us would have taken the big kids while the other stayed at the hotel with the baby and lounged by the pool.  It was an amazing trip, but I wouldn’t take our little one again until she is at least 5.

Things to keep in mind……

  • The boat ride can be bumpy and chilly – pack a jacket even on a warm day and don’t eat anything that will make you woozy.
  • The Island is all but deserted, there are no stores or restaurants of any kind.  Make sure to pack a lunch, snacks, and waters.
  • Don’t take anything from the Island or leave anything you brought on the Island (you will even need to bring your lunch trash back with you)
  • Where the boat docks on Anacapa is at the bottom of several flights of stairs.  You will need to be able to climb those stairs (and climb down those stairs) to enjoy the Island.  I do not believe there is an accessible option unfortunately.


*A huge thank you to Island Packers for letting our family tag along!*

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  2. Tanisha says:

    Never even heard of it, sounds like a great road trip!

  3. It looks like a stunning location. And a lot of fun for everyone.

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