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Attempted Kidnapping at Costco in Vista California video released

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As a mom, I am as concerned as anyone by the idea of an attempted kidnapping. When I heard that there was an attempted kidnapping in my home town of Vista California, at the Costco I have shopped at for more than 20 years I was horrified. As I read the story on Facebook, I immediately tried to find a news story.  I found nothing and was immediately suspicious.  I shared on my personal Facebook page that this sounded a lot like an urban legend that most of us have heard.  As one might expect, several people told me that while there was no news coverage yet, this was a true story. Some people knew the family, others worked at the Costco.  I admitted that I had been too quick to judge, and this scary story of an attempted abduction of a two year old baby in a San Diego suburb was actually true.

Video of San Diego Kidnapping Attempt  Image Credit Pexels


Was the Costco Abduction Attempt an Urban Legend?

We have all heard the urban legend of a child almost being abducted from a local store.  People sharing often are one degree of separation.  Those sharing all seem to know a friend of the victim or a family member of the victim.  Details seem to be similar no matter where the incident occurred. There is always a concern that the bad guy is not working alone.  The attempted kidnapping stories tend to include a warning that even if the attempted kidnapper was caught that they were surely working with accomplices and we should be ever vigilant.

The Vista Sheriff Department shared a video of the attempted kidnapping in Vista, California.  Luckily, there were several back up camera videos that caught a few different angles.  You can view this attempted kidnapping with your own eyes.

Sheriff Video of Attempted Kidnapping in San Diego

This is very scary. I am not here to minimize that this is scary and it could have been worse.  That said, I think there is an important point to be made about how sometimes stories get inflated. Was this kid in danger? Maybe? Did the guy take him out of his five point harness? Uh, no.  What I see here is a guy who is attempting to get into a car that isn’t his.  That is never good. He may be after a kid, he may be after a purse, he may have no idea what he is after. It isn’t clear.

My opinion is this is not definitively  a kidnapping attempt.  After viewing the video of the actual event, I am certainly not worried there are accomplices of this guy lurking in the back corners of Costco. I one hundred percent believe we need to be vigilant and do everything we can to keep our kids safe.  I just believe that we should also keep stories to the facts, because no more than ever, we just don’t need embellishments. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section below.  Were you skeptical when you heard the story? Were you scared?  Does this video make you feel uneasy, but also less worried than before you saw it? Am I a crazy person? I really am interested in how this story spread like wildfire and how it seems a bit different than the story shared.


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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