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Baby Yoda Coloring Page Cinco de Mayo (and how to respectfully celebrate this year!)

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Even Grogu knows that Cinco de Mayo can be problematic when celebrated.  Because we know that our Baby Yoda holiday coloring pages are super popular, we had to use this opportunity to encourage celebrating Cinco de Mayo in a respectful way.  Baby Yoda may be from out of this world, but everyone in the galaxy loves Authentic Mexican made tacos.  Everyone does, this is a non debatable fact.

Baby Yoda in this printable coloring page is holding a delicious taco from an authentic Mexican restaurant.  Even though he is a tiny baby, he knows that it is best to make a reservation at an Independently owned Mexican restaurant rather than a chain, especially on Cinco de Mayo.  Those who want to celebrate the fifth of May respectfully may also want to purchase a book about authentic Mexican food or visit a museum of Mexican heritage.  Honestly, we really debated making a Baby Yoda coloring page celebrating Cinco de Mayo because it is so problematically celebrated.  Please note that Baby Yoda is not wearing a poncho or a ‘sombrero’ or wearing a big fake mustache…. and you should not to.  If you have in the past, maybe just don’t anymore.  

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Baby Yoda Cinco de Mayo  Coloring Sheet

Baby Yoda Cinco De Mayo Coloring Sheet free printable Grogu holidng a taco

Baby Yoda is eating a Taco to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!


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