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Beech-Nut Transparency in labeling

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Disclosure: This blog post has been sponsored by Beech-Nut.


Do you know what your baby is eating?  Beech-Nut Transparency is such a great thing for parents who really want to know what their baby’s are eating. Our little ones are not so little anymore, but I remember wanting to buy our kids healthy foods with a variety of ingredients and tastes.  When our littlest came along three years ago we noticed labels on baby food had a huge range of flavors in comparison to just a few years earlier with our big kids – all of a sudden there were baby foods with amazing flavor combos with everything from kale and quinoa to blueberries and mangoes, and I was so excited….. only to flip over the label and see that the first ingredient was not the first one listed or even the second. While all the ingredients listed on the front were on the back they were rarely the first ingredient.  When our little ones are just starting to eat it is imperative that they have a variety of ingredients!  Not only are they just starting to develop a palette, but they need vitamins and minerals from different foods.   Back then, if I bought prepackaged baby food I really didn’t know what our babies were eating.

Moms of babies will be thrilled to know that Beech-Nut  feels that transparency is as important as many of us do! Beech-Nut has been labeling their ingredients on the front in order for quite some time already. If there was a combination of three ingredients they would be listed in order not only on the back – but also on the pretty front label.  Beech-Nut has recently taken it a step further.  Now Beech-Nut not only labels the ingredients in order, but also shares the percentages of each item!  This would have made such a difference when I was purchasing baby food and I am sure many other parents will agree. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) also recently praised Beech-Nut for not only labeling their products in order but also for breaking down the exact amount.

Beech-Nut is the FIRST baby food company in the U.S. to reveal the exact percentages of ingredients in its jars and pouches!  They are the first to see how important it is to parents to know exactly what they are feeding their little ones and have made it easy to find out.  You can find the breakdown of ingredients of any of their jar or pouch baby foods on their website.

beech-nut-baby-food-transparencyOh, and my nearly 4 year old highly recommends the Organic  Apple, Raspberries, & Avocado!  She is not a fan of avocado, but I love that Beech-Nut sneaks a little into this jar!  Little Miss C and I say “Bravo Beech-Nut!”

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