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A behind the scenes look at Dr. Ken

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Disclosure: Our trip was hosted by Disney. Opinions and photos are my own.

 Dr Ken logo

Dr. Ken is a show Harry and I just discovered and it totally has us cracking up. I only just discovered Dr. Ken when I heard we would be visiting the set while on a trip to Los Angeles.  We watched the entire season online and are really enjoying it! TV Set visits are always fascinating to me.  The opportunity to meet the cast, take pictures, and just check out all the little details is really cool.  I am excited that I was able to take pictures and I am allowed to share with all of you.  Let’s take a picture walk through the set of Dr. Ken – shall we?

dr ken office visit

The set is extra cheery as they are beginning to decorate for the holidays.  TV set visits are one of my favorite things in the world, and I really loved seeing Dr. Ken’s set all dressed up for the season.

entertainment blogger on tv set of Dr. Ken


Welltopia Medical Group is where Dr. Ken and his wife (also a doctor) work together and hilarity ensues.  I did not know before our visit that Ken Jeong actually is a Doctor in real life. Before the fame of Hollywood he actually worked as a Kaiser Doctor. Who knew?

welltopia medical group


cameras on Dr. ken

TV set kitchens are where most of my envious thoughts live.  I know they aren’t real,but I walk into a TV set kitchen and I am always a little jealous of the fictional family that gets to eat breakfast here each and every morning of their fictional lives.

selfie on set of Dr. Ken

Look at how pretty that kitchen is friends.  All that detail and perfect planning.  It’s only made more charming by the sweet holiday decor.

Dr. Ken set visit

I have been lucky enough to visit several TV sets over the years.  Never has there ever been a set with so many cast members available!  We were really able to meet and chat with all the characters and had time for a panel as well. Everyone from Ken himself to the kids and everyone in between came out, posed for pictures, and thanked us for stopping by. It is not lost on the cast that viewers are only just slowly discovering the show.  They want readers to know they are truly thankful for those that tune in and if you haven’t yet, please do so!

Tisha Campbell-Martin who plays Damona Watkins came out first and she set an incredibly welcoming tone.  Her demeanor is larger and bubbly, but so sincere.  There were 25 bloggers on the trip and she took the time to shake everyone’s hand and asked our blog name.  I’ve been doing this for years, and while graciousness is not uncommon, this was above and beyond!

meeting the cast

Seriously, the warmest cast of all time!


Ken and I obviously got the navy with white plaid memo that went out.

ken jeong meetingI say this a lot, but seriously, it just warms my heart to meet Hollywood stars that are just so genuine and friendly!


My favorite moment was taking a selfie with Dave Foley who plays Pat Hein on the show.  We matched too and he noticed!

dave foley selfieAs I turned the camera around for a quick picture he goes, “Hey we match!” and everyone laughed because we totally did.  He paused for a second and goes “A little genetically too I think.”  I mean, that’s true, we probably should be celebrating holidays together. My friend snapped the picture below at that moment and it cracks me up.

Dave Foley is my twinIt’s very likely we are long lost cousins and this is gonna be a great story for the family reunion.


During the panel, Ken Jeong gushed about the talent in this show.  I have always seen him as so funny, I loved seeing this sincere moment.

dr ken panel

Dr. Ken airs on Fridays at 8:3- / 7:30c on ABC.  Anyone looking for a light and fun comedy will love it.  A few jokes are a bit too racy for our young kids, but teens and up I would highly recommend checking it out.

“D.K.’s New Girlfriend” airs tonight! Make sure to get social…..

Twitter: @DrKenABC,
Hashtag: #DrKen

Thank you to our friends at ABC for giving us an exclusive peek at this fun show!

Doctor Ken Group Shot



Until Next Time ~ Kate
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