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Behind the Scenes with Melissa & Joey

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Disclosure: Thank you to Disney for inviting me to attend the #ABCFamilyEvent - while all expenses were paid with the expectation of sharing with my lovely readers opinions are 100% my own.

melissa joey

ABC Family’s hit show “Melissa & Joey” is coming up on a huge milestone – 100 episodes!  I recently was invited to tour the beautiful set and meet with the actors to share with you.  Fans of the show will love to know that there are big plans coming up in this show in 2015 and the taping we saw was really funny!


Thank you to the stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence for taking the time to speak with us (more on that later!) – here are a couple pictures from our visit!

Of course there were pictures with the stars …..

Melissa-Joan-HartMelissa Joan Hart – I wanted to be her growing up!

joeyJoey Lawrence! WHOA!  *A couple people on my instagram were all “Whoa, he looks different!” and pointed out that he looks so much older than his Blossom days….. um, how do I put this delicately….. you look a lot older than when Blossom was on too peeps. It was like 20 years ago. Be nice people, we teach our kids to be nice right? Let’s do the same. *Steps of scolding soap box*

And because sometimes celebrities are nice enough to take the “pretend you are super annoyed while I act overly excited” bonus pic I had to share…..

Joey Lawrence Whoa#NailedIt

And now on to one of my favorite parts of a set visit!  I LOVE looking at all the little details in a TV Set!  I start redesigning my house in my head as I walk around.  The Melissa & Joey set is really beautiful, as is often the case I really wanted to move in!



melissa and joey

melissa & Joey kitchen

set visit

My favorite sweet little detail…….


I always think the fridge is fun on a TV set, not really sure why, but just the ordinary little pictures and notes are just fun for me.


and in case you wanted to know what was inside their fridge……


Stay tuned for my Interview with Melissa & Joey too!


Melissa & Joey is the story of Mel, a wild child turned local politician and Joe who moves in as the family “Manny” for her niece and nephew.  As often is the case, love and comedy ensues! Melissa & Joey stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence and airs on ABC Family on Wednesday Nights at 8/7 Central.

*Note to Parents*  ABC Family is a little more ‘adult’ than it’s name might suggest.  I would not say ABC Family is for children, but very fun for teens and up.

Fun fact!  Did you know you can sign up to attend a live taping of many shows in Hollywood for FREE?!  These tickets to get snapped up pretty quickly – but if you want live taping of Melissa & Joey tickets<— click here and check back for available dates!

Catch the Winter Premier of Melissa & Joey on January 14th!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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