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The best Percy Jackson costume

Posted on: by Kate

Percy Jackson is the easiest DIY costume ever for Halloween.  If you have a kid that is obsessed with Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan, make sure to check out this easy Percy Jackson costume.   A Percy Jackson costume is a perfect last minute costume and does not require sewing.  This simple costume is great for kids that don’t want an over the top, elaborate costume.  Any Percy Jackson fan would approve!  This is the best costume out there!

Percy Jackson is also a favorite costume for Read Across America Week, especially for older kids.  Percy Jackson requires a specific Orange Tshirt and Jeans.  For kids that want to dress up but not be too over the top; Percy Jackson is a great option.

Percy Jackson costume camp half blood

OK – a quick commercial about how awesome reading is! Our big kids LOVE to read. Rick Riordan is one of the main reasons my son reads as much as he does.  This post is in no way sponsored by Rick Riordan, we just love his work and had to share. If your tween has not yet discovered this series, it is something we highly endorse.

Percy Jackson is the wildly popular book series by Rick Riordan.  Our son is a huge fan of these books and it was the only thing he wanted to be for Halloween.  If you have a tween or teen that is looking for something adventurous, Percy Jackson is a great one!  My son was hooked the first time he read The Lightning Thief and he is always excited when a new book becomes available.  Check out the entire collection of Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan on Amazon, but I always suggest seeing what books are available at your local library. (Pro tip – make a list from the Amazon listing and take it to the library to see what you can get for free!)

So you could easily grab an orange shirt and paint the famous Percy Jackson “Camp Half Blood” logo on it. Seriously though, don’t do that.  There are so many shirts with a Percy Jackson theme, but this is our favorite.  At $16.99, this Camp Half-Blood Tshirt comes in lots of colors, but we of course chose the perfect shade of orange.


This shirt has great ratings, it shipped very quickly, and we thought the sizing was perfect.  Bonus – it  is Prime Eligible!

Seriously, that is it!  A Camp Half Blood Tshirt plus a pair of blue jeans.  The end. If that isn’t the perfect Percy Jackson cosplay, I don’t know what is. Low key costumes that you can wear again as a fan are the best.

diy percy jackson cosplay costume

Could you buy stencils or freehand your own shirt? Of course!  We just found putting a shirt and jeans together this way was absolutely the easiest Percy Jackson costume we could make.  It took hardly any effort at all, and if you are anything like me, you need a really easy costume this year!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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    I soooo love this idea!!! I’m going to suggest it to my kiddos immediately.

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