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BIG HERO 6 – FREE Printables!

Fun Baymax Printable Activity sheets to celebrate the new BAYMAX! series on Disney Plus.  Big Hero 6  captured our hearts years ago, now we have a whole new series to enjoy!  These printables are from the original Big Hero 6 but we are happy to reshare!

Our family is always excited by a new Walt Disney Animation Feature and I am sure many of you are too!  I love it when Disney shares free printables for their upcoming movies!  My son is going to be especially excited – he can’t wait to see Big Hero 6!  As we wait for Big Hero to open in theaters I hope you enjoy these BIG HERO 6 free printables!  Nothing to sign up for, just click and print!  These would be great for a BIG HERO 6 birthday party activity or just something fun to do on a rainy day!  There are several BIG HERO 6 printables here, click through the pages for your favorite one or print them all!     What’s Big Hero 6 all about?  Check out the trailer below. Enjoy!

Fun right?  Simply click and print the Big Hero 6 printable images you see below to print – there are also more on the following pages!

big Hero 6 printable hidden objects

big hero 6 printables spot the difference

Ready for your Big Hero 6 printables Rocket fist? Next up, Baymax Rocket fist activity sheet.


big hero 6 rocket fist

big hero 6 postcard

Big Hero 6 origami Baymax printable sheet.


big Hero 6 origami baymax

big Hero 6 origami baymax template

Ready for the Big Hero 6 printable Maze Activity Sheet? Maze, pumpkin stencil and wings recipe.
big Hero 6 maze

big Hero 6 baymax pumpkin stencil

big Hero 6 wings

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  2. Big Hero 6 says:

    […] you are looking for some awesome Big Hero 6 Printables <—- grab them for FREE […]

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks for these amazing free downloads, we used them in conjunction with a great instant download banner we found that had every letter of the alphabet so we could print out “Happy Birthday Liam” along with all this great stuff it made for an awesome party. (edited out link)
    Thanks so much for the great post!

    • Kate Hamernik says:

      Hey Matt – thanks! I’m pretty sure your link includes some copyright infringement so I edited. I am glad you enjoyed the printables from Disney!

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