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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was always my favorite roller coaster at Disneyland growing up.  Big Thunder had been closed for quite some time and we were thrilled when we attended Disney Social Media Moms Celebration to find out it was newly reopened!

It was especially sweet to ride this ride with our big kids this year.  They were a bit too little the last time it was open, but this trip was the trip of the roller coasters and we started with the classic!  They loved it!

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland this Summer? Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is sure to be busy – make sure to grab a fast pass early!


It was such a beautiful day in Frontier Land!

big thunder

big thunder20140412_172328



Happy Wordless Wednesday Friends!

I hope you are able to enjoy Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland soon!

Until Next Time ~ Kate

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