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Blogging is my ‘real job’ thank you very much.

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blogging is not a real jobI was at a small blogging conference a few months back and it was really cool in many ways. One day we were offered several break out sessions where speakers shared tips on perfecting our craft. For some reason a woman who has found some success on YouTube but admitted she didn’t blog much was chosen to speak about how bloggers can grow and improve their social media channels.   I must admit I was not impressed with her tips.  Not every break out session is gonna impress everyone at a blogging conference, that’s totally fine.  What got under my skin during her presentation was when she said “Make sure you have your Linkedin account up to date, because one of these days you are going to want a real job. Blogging is fun, but someday you are going to want to pay bills.” *little snooty laugh*

your tacky and i hate you

Um, excuse your face – but this is my real job….. and it is amazing.

I make more money now blogging than I did a few years ago at a fancy desk job that I needed a college degree on my resume to get.  Now I work for myself and it is awesome. It’s not easy, I work hard for what I make and where I am.  Blogging IS a real job and when done right it is as profitable as you want it to be.  Honestly and truly.  While I certainly don’t, I know bloggers that make six figures….. in money. That’s pretty awesome for something that isn’t a real job.


I enjoyed my old job sometimes, it had awesome benefits and a great Christmas party.  But it had some restrictions too. I was required to wear fancy office clothes and had to be there at certain times… and had to STAY until certain times.  If I didn’t follow those rules they would tell me I didn’t need to come in anymore but that they would stop paying me.  It was a great job, don’t get me wrong; but so is blogging.

disgust inside out costume

Blogging is kind of anything I want it to be now.  I make my own hours. Sometimes I dress up fancy, but usually I blog in my jammies. I am able to homeschool and volunteer in my kid’s classrooms.  I am able to take days off whenever I want. I am able to write just because I think something is fun or helpful or I have opportunities for sponsored content – both are profitable in different ways.  I am able to monetize everything from birthday parties, to vacations, to rants about how I hate sending Christmas cards (yes, I made money off that little diddy). I have the opportunity to take on a couple more sponsored posts when I want to make a little extra money one month.  I can switch out ads to those I think might be more profitable, I can write a quick post and add in affiliate links, and sometimes I just decide to raise my rates.  It’s really nice being your own boss. Right now I have three littles so while I work quite a lot, I actually don’t work as hard as I could.  It’s nice to know I have that flexibility, and someday if I am still interested, I know there is space to grow.

Kate and family

While my old job had medical and dental insurance as a benefit, blogging sent me to Costa Rica and Mexico and a whole bunch of other places.  Costa Rica for a week is better than medical and dental all year right?  I suppose that is debatable…. but Costa Rica was awesome.

Costa Rica

Anyway, I really want to know what she was thinking.  Like, does she think we all just gathered because this is our hobby?  I suppose some of the folks in attendance were hobby bloggers.  But typically grown people don’t take time out of their busy schedules for a conference to goof off or for ‘free stuff’ / samples.  I go to blogging conferences because this is my job. I want to connect with those who would like to partner and I want to know how to do my job better.  Goody bags are awesome, and socializing is fun, but neither of those are ever why I choose a conference.

kale and parmigiano

I’m not upset that I was out some money for this particular conference, I wasn’t out anything except time. My conference ticket was paid for and the organizers were kind enough to provide rooms at the hotel for my family for two nights as well as paying me to help promote. I’m not going to name the conference because the organizers were very good to me.  I am not out any money, I came out quite a bit ahead,  I just wish the organizers hired speakers that took bloggers seriously.  If they want professional bloggers to attend, they probably shouldn’t hire speakers who treat what they do as a joke.

blogging is my real job

What’s more…. I haven’t updated my LinkedIn in an embarrassingly long amount of time. My new blog (uh, it’s over two years old) isn’t even mentioned on it.  I have never once had someone contact me through LinkedIn – I get ‘endorsements’ daily but I mean what is that?  Is it like Klout pluses or whatever they were called?  This is nothing really against LinkedIn, I just don’t need it at the moment …. because I have a real job.

Have you ever wanted to start your own blog?  You totally should – whether for fun or so you can work at home and make money all while being accused of just goofing around on the internet!  You can totally start your blogging career (or hobby) here —->

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. OMG, you kill me…I love you. Another reason it’s fun to be a blogger is to work really hard (for peanuts really if you calculate your hourly rate as a food blogger and all the money you spend on loads of ingredients from all the trials you have to do), and then get your recipe you created stolen by a giant company. Yeah, that’s fun too 😉

    • kate says:

      exactly!! It is hard work, it is so awesome, but it is hard work and not enough people get that! But those that are willing to work hard can often make a decent living =) I LOVE your blog btw!

  2. Sabrina Paul says:

    Yes! It is a real job, and you are awesome at it!! I have a feeling the organizers of the conference would not be pleased with this presenters rude comments. I travel for work and I have had people imply that it’s a cush job. Um, excuse me? It’s hard work; I’m not in luxurious hotels in the Caribbean. It’s exciting at times, but for the most part I spend my week wishing I was at home, blogging. Lol!! Keep up the good WORK Kate 😉 -sabrina

  3. Tay says:

    OMG!!!! When I first started my friends were like, why do you want to do that, and I asked, well why do you want to breathe!!!! Somethings come natural and the profitability of your happiness can’t always be measured with another persons opinion! She should never be allowed to guest speak for them again

    • kate says:

      I completely agree! I expect it from friends and family that don’t get it – but from someone speaking at a blogging conference? Um, what? Crazy.

  4. I can’t believe she would say that at a blogging conference! How ridiculous. I think it’s awesome what you’ve been able to do with your blog and I would love to be like you 🙂

    • kate says:

      I thought it was crazy too! I am sure you are on your way Becky! It is not easy but I love what I do! =) As much as I love it, I could not do it if it didn’t pay bills – I need to blog because I need to bring income into our family – I’m really thankful for those that see it as a real job 😉

  5. Aliza B says:

    I don’t know why people continue to think that blogging isn’t a “real job”. I can’t believe that woman asked to speak at a blogging conference would say what she did!

  6. Jessica says:

    I love this!! I aspire to make blogging my “real job”.

  7. Sarah says:

    Preach! I’m still in the infant phase of blogging and therefore do need a supplementary “real job”, but I treat the blog like a real job in the hopes that one day I’ll get there! I’m so happy for you that you’ve reached that point! 🙂

    • kate says:

      I hope it is exactly that for you some day!! It took me a while but it is a great ‘real job’ and I love being my own boss!

  8. Sounds to Babushka that YOU should be a speaker in a blogger conference!! Enjoyed this post, and to those that don’t think blogging is a real job- you look at them, smile, and say- JU SO FONII!!! BB2U

  9. Jenny says:

    While I still have a desk job, I’d love to someday make blogging my full time job once I am married and have children.
    I definitely think it can be aa real job.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • kate says:

      I hope you can too Jenny! NOTHING wrong with a desk job – benefits are awesome and I did love my job and the stability it offered! Nothing beats working for yourself though! Thank you for your nice comments!

  10. I once had a friend use air quotes when she said that I was “working”. It’s turned into an inside joke at my house. The funny part is I know for a fact I’m making more money at my fake job than she is at her real job.

    • kate says:

      That’s always the best part right? I’ve had plenty of that too! People misunderstand what we do so often, but oh well – the bank understands 😉 – we are working on a remodel and have paid for almost all of it with blogging money! It’s not jillions, but I could not make what I do working out of the house right now – and if I was working out of the house I couldn’t homeschool – it’s a total win win!

  11. Shared this on twitter! It’s so great people don’t understand how much work really goes into it. yes it’s not traditional but it’s a work of passion and drive. In my year experience building my blog takes way more than my degree did in some ways but at least this I love. I’m still working a 8:30 to 5 and then about 6-11 on the blog and freelancing but my goal is to be working from home full-time (or coffee shop or wherever) by 2017. I really admire you! Thanks for sharing this insightful post love the memes. 🙂

  12. Victoria says:

    It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that blogging is a “real job”! You…what? You blog? You make money off of that? Haha people have no idea. Love this post!

    • kate says:

      I know right? I have had way too many people say “Why do you spend so much time on the internet? just a fun hobby?” *sigh* – but I NEVER expected to hear it at a blogging conference! LOL

  13. amen sister. I love your honesty and your truths are real!! Thanks for posting this!

  14. Diane says:

    What a great post! I’ve only been blogging 3 months (today!) and I have already found that the majority of people that I know don’t really “get” what a blog is … as you said, they think you are just messing around on the web.It really is the hardest job I will ever love (and hopefully some day it will be my only job)! 😀

    • kate says:

      congrats Diane!! It’s hard when people are talking down about it – but generally it is people that just don’t know – DON’T let it get to you – I guarantee there will come a day when people are asking to ‘pick your brain’ on how to be successful!

  15. GiGi Eats says:

    Blogging has been my full time job for the last 2 years or so – It can totally be done, but the one thing I tell everyone is PLEASE do not become a SELL OUT! I understand some of the money that is on the table looks enticing but do not go in on it if the product you’re about to promote has NOTHING to do with you and your brand or you don’t even like it!

  16. Rhonda Swan says:

    This is so great girl! I love that you are sharing with the world that they can make a living on line. Keep it up and live unstoppable!

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