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2019 goals – blogging and so forth

freelance childrens book illustrator

Oh, hey there 2019. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you. What do you think about changing things up a bit this year? I’ve been blogging for 9 years now. …

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Toy Story Dad – the Instagram account every Disney fan needs to follow!

toy story dad baby andy

By now, everyone has seen that adorable viral video of the two babies dressed as Toy Story’s “Slinky Dog” at Mickey’s Halloween Party.  I met baby Hamm and his mom…

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How to Start a Blog

Almost immediately after starting my first blog about eight years ago, I started getting questions about how to start a blog.  Friends and readers wanted to have the opportunity to…

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FLOCK Presents : Blogging conferences exclusive discount!

flock conference discount

As a professional blogger, I am always looking for conferences to inspire and grow my business. FLOCK Presents is new on my radar. I love that FLOCK is a one…

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How to Make Money Blogging

Very rarely does a day go by that I don’t get a question about how to make money blogging.  I have been blogging somewhat professionally for about 8 years and…

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What Professional Bloggers wish their non blogging friends understood ….

What bloggers wish their friends knew about their job

I started my first blog about seven years ago as little more than an experiment and hobby.  All these years later, my blog has turned into my work from home…

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How I more than doubled my Twitter Following and you can too!

how to grow your twitter account blogging from home

To continue with our blogging for beginners series, I wanted to tackle one of my least favorite aspects of blogging; Twitter.  Can I be honest?  I don’t like Twitter.  Maybe…

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Blogging goals for 2017 – setting goals for a successful New Year of blogging!

blogging goals for the new year

Happy almost 2017!  2016 has been a weird year for sure, but I am hopeful.  As each year draws to an end I am so thankful for the business of…

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How to set up Google Adsense to monetize your blog!

So you just started a blog.  Congrats!  Now set up Google Adsense. I know many people start a blog just as a hobby while many others start a blog in…

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Blogging Goals List!

Oh 2016 – how did you get here so fast?!  I am excited to share my 2016 Blogging Goals List – I would really love to do all of these…

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How to get more followers on Instagram

I wanted to share for my readers that are bloggers and online influencers how I went from about 2000 followers to 4000+ followers (and growing!) in less than two months…

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Blogging is my ‘real job’ thank you very much.

I was at a small blogging conference a few months back and it was really cool in many ways. One day we were offered several break out sessions where speakers…

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Moms Meet WOW Summit in San Diego – Discount code & Giveaway!

I am so excited to participate in my first Moms Meet WOW Summit next month, and even more excited that it is right in my hometown of San Diego! People…

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Catching Up With Kate is now “Highlights Along the Way”!

Hi friends! I have some really exciting news – or I suppose it is exciting to me, I hope you will think so too.  So I changed the name of…

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Things I can’t feed my family…..bad PR Pitches

Sass and back talk always got me in trouble growing up.  It may get me in trouble now too. Here’s where I spend a little time ranting about bad pr…

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A peek into the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration!

Bloggers and Disney fans alike are always asking about the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  This was our second year attending the Disney Moms Conference and we seriously feel so…

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Happy Blogiversary! 1 year old today!


So this Catching Up With Kate thing turned a year old today – what a whirlwind! Happy Blogiversary to us!  For those that are interested, I thought I would share…

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Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

Disney Social Media Moms 2014

Last week my family and I were lucky enough to attend Disney Social Media Moms Celebration for the first time!  Several of my blogging friends have attended in years past…

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Blogging has been a profession for me for over 7 years!  I absolutely love being about to blog from home as a way to support my family.  Followers of our two blogs have been asking me for years to share about how we did it.  People choose to blog for so many reasons but sometimes simply don’t know where to start.  Whether you are hoping to start a deal blog, parenting blog, lifestyle blog, fashion blog, Disney blog, or any of the other niches out there; I hope this is helpful to you!

Learning to blog is not difficult, but it does take time.  In this section I have shared about my personal blogging goals as well as resources on how to start your own blog.  The idea of blogging can be overwhelming, but I hope to make the steps easy if you want to start! Please do not hesitate to ask questions or leave suggestions for future posts in our comment section! This blogging resource section is truly here to help our readers!

My blogging career came as a bit of a surprise.  San Diego Deals and Steals is still a popular resource for families who want to save money in San Diego.  When I started blogging I honestly had no idea I could even make money.  Blogging about something you are genuinely interested will ring true with others who share your passions. I simply wrote about deals I found in my own words. As my audience grew offers to partner began rolling in. First, offers for products or services in exchange for a shout out, and then offers for pay! We began selling advertising slots and using affiliate links. My little hobby blog was bringing in  Our deal blog continues to bring in new and old readers.

In our blogging category I plan on sharing simple ways to make your blog better.  If you are looking to grow your hobby blog into an opportunity to make money, check out ‘how to make money blogging’.  Social media can be hard to understand for some, while I am by no means an expert, I am happy to help newbies learn!  Growing your social media and subscribers is a great way to gain an audience.  Many people have thought about starting a blog and simply get overwhelmed.  Check out How To Start a Blog first!  If you want to grow your blog I hope this is a valuable resource for you!  Thank you so much for visiting with us!

Don’t forget to subscribe! All of our blogging resources are completely free.  We do truly hope that you will consider subscribing to our blog – this helps our little home business grow as well, we truly appreciate every blog subscriber! This is free and confidential, nobody else will get your email address.  Subscribing to our blog makes sure you never miss a post that will encourage you in your blogging journey!