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Bluey Valentine’s Day Cards – Printables – Instant Download

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Give Bluey and Bingo Valentine’s Day Cards to all your friends! Bluey and Bingo are ready to celebrate love and friendship on this special day! Please enjoy this instant download High-Resolution Bluey printable Valentine’s Day cards.Download and print as many pages as you need for your friends and classmates. Preschoolers will especially love coloring these Bluey themed cards and cutting them out for their friends. Print from home and attach a treat to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

We love Bluey and we love to celebrate love. These are sure to be a hit with little ones. Kids can color the page for their friends or include a small set of crayons or markers so their friend can color it as part of the gift!  Print out for your favorite Preschooler, they will be thrilled to share with friends. Everyone’s favorite blue baby puppy is looking forward to celebrating with her little sister. We know Bluey lives in Australia, but we are pretty sure she would love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her American friends too! Bluey and Bingo are showing off cute love themed banners and cards surrounded by hearts!

You of course can purchase premade Bluey Valentine’s Day cards in a large pack from Amazon. These come with free shipping for prime members and even come with a treat and envelope for each card. These cards are adorable and convenient if you are a Prime member, but I have created an option to share that is even more budget friendly. Below is a set of printable Valentine’s Day cards that can be used by teachers or students. I know that many teacher friends like to have Valentine’s Day cards on hand for kids who may have forgotten. This Bluey instant printable card can be downloaded once and used year after year!

Valentine’s Day is so much fun to celebrate, but do not miss our other Bluey Holiday Coloring Sheets as well. Soon we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! Don’t miss out on our Bluey St. Patrick’s Day fan art coloring page, or this cute Easter Bluey inspired coloring sheet with silly Bluey dressed as a bunny! All our fan art Bluey coloring pages are listed for free in the beginning for our subscribers. After some time, we add a small fee to download our most popular unique coloring pages. We thank you for helping keep our coloring page articles up and running by considering this purchase! Enjoy our growing library of Bluey holiday activity sheets for home and school use. We hope that teachers and fans of Bluey will share our Bluey Halloween free coloring sheets with others who many also love Bluey. We have thousands of coloring sheets (licensed and fan art) free to use for personal use on our site. Please take a look and help us grow!

Teachers and home schoolers will love our full sized Bluey Valentine’s Day coloring page too! Simply click and print and share with your class! While these coloring pages are just fan art, we hope that they are lots of fun for your little Bluey fan!

Bluey Valentine’s Day Instant Download Printable Cards

Bluey Valentine's Day Cards instant download printable from home or school

Why do kid’s love Bluey so much?

Bluey is an animated series from Australia!  Preschoolers can now watch Bluey on Disney Channel and Disney+.  Bluey is a show that follows main character “Bluey”, an anthropomorphic six year old Blue Heeler puppy through life. Bluey is often accompanied by her adorable baby sister “Bingo” on adventures. Bluey and her family teach audiences while going on imaginative adventures. People love Bluey and her family because she is so cute but also she teaches fun lessons!

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Bluey has won many awards and is well loved for how it teaches empathy and compassion to its young audience.

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Teachers are welcome to share a direct link to this webpage to their students. Pretty please do not just copy and share.

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