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Bob’s Burger Group Costumes!

Posted on: by Kate

Grown ups and teenagers who still love cartoons know the Fox animated show “Bob’s Burgers”.  With five main characters, Bob’s Burgers is a great group costume option.  Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher are fun costumes for the whole family. 

bobs burger family costumes easy diy

I personally do not like to purchase costumes for one time use. I prefer to use items from our own wardrobe, pieces we find at thrift stores, or as a last resort, something we can purchase on Amazon but also use in the future.  Sometimes we can add items thrifted into our wardrobe after Halloween, those we cannot add into our wardrobe we simply return to the thrift store.

Bob Belcher Costume

Bob Belcher Costume – Grey Tshirt, Grey Pants, Plain White Apron, Mustache, Black clogs, and an optional spatula.  We thrifted the tshirt, pants, and clogs which we will totally use again. We already had a spatula!  We got an apron and peel and stick on mustache from Amazon. 

bobs burger couples costumes

Linda Belcher Costume

Linda Belcher Costume – Red henley tshirt, half apron, skinny jeans, and red pointy glasses. I thrifted the red henley and already had appropriate jeans in my wardrobe.  I will probably just return the henley to Goodwill, we consider the couple dollars we spend a rental fee.  I did purchase the signature Linda Belcher glasses and a half apron on Amazon.

DIY Bob’s Burgers Costumes

Tina Belcher Costume – Light blue tshirt, dark blue skirt, tall socks, black chucks, thick rimmed black glasses.  We were able to find almost all of Tina’s costume pieces at a thrift store. J plans on wearing the nearly brand new chucks for the rest of the year and actually likes the blue tshirt too.  Bonus!  We did purchase Tina’s socks on Amazon.

Gene Belcher Costume – Bright Yellow Shirt, Bright Blue shorts, optional Hamburger Sandwich board.  We looked for weeks at thrift stores and never found a plain yellow shirt or bright blue shorts.  Alas, we had to purchase them new at a thrift store, but our son is sure to use them as PE clothes as we continue our virtual school journey.  J got creative with a moving box and some acrylic paint to make his hamburger sandwich board. While there are far better burger costumes on Amazon, we knew we would never use it again and felt better about using cardboard and craft paint.

Louise Belcher Costume – Green Dress and pink bunny hat.  We also needed to purchase both of Louise’s pieces online.  Roo has pointed out that this comfy green dress will be nice for Christmas and St. Patrick’s day.  She says she will wear her Louise Bunny Hat on Easter ‘or just when I am feeling funny’. 

Thank you to my amazing and talented friend Tee from That’s It LA for her amazing photographs!

We just moved to a little suburb in Los Angeles and the animation studio that produces “Bob’s Burgers” is just up the street.  We had to take a little stroll and take our fandom to the next level!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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