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Boo Basket for Teens and Tweens

Everyone is excited to have Halloween return to a bit more normalcy this year.  If you are looking for a fun way to treat your neighbors and still enjoy social distancing; Boo Baskets are the way to go!  Our teens created their favorite Boo Basket ideas list below to make things easy.  We also have a printable Ghost Mickey Boo Basket design to share with your neighbors. 

We refuse to let Coronvirus ruin all our Halloween fun.  Boo baskets are one of our favorite ways to enjoy the season in a totally social distance appropriate fashion.  Treat your neighbor to a basket of tasty snacks and candy, but make sure to not get caught!

Disney themed boo basket

First, any Disney fan has to use a Disney inspired Boo Basket printable! Our favorite decor at Mickey’s Halloween Party are the giant Micky Ghost Balloons that hang all over the park.  We miss trick or treating at Disneyland so much and hope to do that again some day. In the meantime, we will use these cute Mickey Ghost Boo Basket signs to cheer up our neighbors.

mickey ghoast boo card

What is a Boo Basket?

A Boo Basket is a fun new tradition that whole neighborhoods can enjoy leading up to Halloween.  One neighbor starts by making a basket for two or three neighbors. Fill the basket with Halloween themed treats you think they might enjoy.  Then, under the cover of darkness; deliver the basket and run away quickly!  The goal is to not get caught and let it be an anonymous surprise.  Once you have been ‘booed’ you put up a sign letting neighbors know your home has already been hit.  Once you have been ‘booed’ you keep the fun going by leaving a Boo Basket on two or three other neighbor’s houses.  The joy spreads throughout the neighborhood. Boo baskets can be themed for the family, the kids in the family, or just a generic basket of candy! You can be as creative as you want.

First, print out your very own Mickey Ghost Boo Basket  Printables from Etsy!

Disney themed boo basket printable

Teen and Tween Boo Basket Ideas

Candy – of course!

Paint by numbers / mini craft kits

Halloween Gingerbread house kits

Cookie decorating kits

Funky socks


Pumpkin spice cookies

Starbucks gift card

Mugs or reusable cups





Hair Chalk

False Eyelashes

Face Paint

Boo Baskets can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like. The point is to have fun.  Halloween 2020 needs to look different for safety sake, but we can still have fun and create great memories.  And now it is 2021; things aren’t exactly back to how they used to be; but so much better!  I believe kids will be having parties and trick or treating more this year; but don’t forget to bless your neighbors with a Boo!




Until Next Time ~ Kate
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