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Cancel Grandpa’s Vote – Made by my Gen Z voters

Two of my Gen Z kids will be eligible to vote in 2024. You better believe they are excited. In their excitement and hope to encourage other eligible Gen Z voters to register, they have created an Etsy shop with Tshirts, hats, and bags with their favorite catch phrase. Our teens began saying ‘hashtag cancel grandpa’s vote’ during conversations about how they feel their generation will finally be the one to get our country going in the direction of progress again.

Cancel Grandpa's Vote Tshirts and more Gen Z Voter merchandise

We began using the hashtag #CancelGrandpasVote in social media posts where they voiced their political views. Many Gen Zers have lost both sets of grandparents to the alt-right movement. It is weird. For some reason, both sets of grandparents that have benefited in the past from progressive policies now think that the ultra-wealthy have their best interest at heart. I am not sure what happened. It is kinda sad. There is probably some manipulation of their fears at play. Who knows?

What I do know, is the scales tip this next election cycle. As it stands we, we only cancel out two votes, but come November 2024, our little Boomer Removers are gonna make two voters obsolete.

In 2020 only a portion of Gen Z was eligible to vote, but by 2024, millions more will be eligible. If the rest of Gen Z shows up at the polls as much as the first wave did, their voices will be undeniable. Gen Z is about 20% of the population and for their age they are the most politically informed. Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials were not as engaged in the conversation in their teens. Gen Z has grown up with a planet on fire, active shooter drills, and a wealth gap that is worse than before the French Revolution. They are done.

Ways you can support this Gen Z shop!

1. You can buy an item!

2. Take a picture of that item and share it on social media! Use the hashtag #CancelGrandpasVote and tag their Instagram page @CancelGrandpasVote

3. Follow their Instagram!

4. Follow and favorite their Etsy shop

5. Favorite ‘heart’ items in their shop

6. Share their shop with your friends on social media.

7. Blog about their shop!

8. Share this post!

9. Comment on this post!

10. If you see a post about their shop or products on social media, engage with it! Simply giving a ‘like’ or leaving a comment helps boost the visibility of their shop.

Cancel Grandpas Vote 

This shop is for and by the kids. Their hope is that this store will be successful leading up to the 2024 election. Their plan is to donate 10% of their profits to progressive causes that they will announce here – assuming the store turns a profit. Money made from this online endeavor will go into their college savings.

The kids would love your ideas for other T-shirts and also your input on charities that would be a good place for their donations. We have started Etsy shops in the past and we know that it could go nowhere, but we do hope that it will grow leading up to this important election. As a parent, I thank you for at least taking the time to read and look at their products. I thank you in advance for any support you can offer. Please leave them a comment of support below. It is sure to make these Gen Z kids smile!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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