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Cars 3 Coloring pages

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Cars 3 coloring pages. Lightning McQueen got a great new paint job for Cars 3 – enjoy this Cars 3 coloring sheet!  Print out these adorable licensed Disney Pixar Cars 3 printables.  Printable High Resolution coloring pages of Lightning McQueen, Cruz, Jackson Storm and more.  Thank you for Disney Pixar for sharing these with our audience!

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Make sure to pin and bookmark these coloring sheets. Please feel free to use at school or from your home computer. Simply click and size as you like. Thank you to Disney for sending these fun activities to share with our audience!

Lightning McQueen Coloring Sheet

Cars 3 lightning mcqueen coloring page- Cars 3 coloring pages

Jackson Storm isn’t our favorite, but he is a cool looking race car. If your kiddo is a fan, we hope he or she loves the very first Jackson Storm coloring sheet!

Jackson Storm Coloring Sheet

Cars 3 Storm coloring page


Cruz Ramirez is the surprise plot twist that everyone cheers! We love this strong female character that was full of self doubt but became amazing! My daughters and my son are all big fans of this new star. Everyone wanted this Cruz coloring sheet to color first.

Cruz Ramirez Coloring Sheet

Cars 3 Cruz coloring page

Do you want to learn to draw like a Disney Artist? Coloring is fine, but you can learn to draw the characters from Disney artists online during quarantine! Enjoy these FREE Disney Drawing Classes in your own home as you shelter in place.

Cars 3 raced into the box office at number one opening weekend. Fans were thrilled to see Lighting McQueen is still racing his heart out.  Pixar has a way of touching hearts and telling universal stories with unlikely characters.  I dare say Cars 3 is the best in the trilogy.  This movie is timely, encouraging, and has a message for children as well as adults.  We absolutely loved the film and we are always excited to enjoy fun printables at home.  Today we are sharing some FREE licensed Cars 3 coloring pages.

We love that there are three different coloring sheets!  There is a brand new Lightning McQueen coloring sheet, but also two with brand new characters.  Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm coloring sheets are available below too! Simply click and print from your own home computer. Not only do we have these Cars 3 coloring pages, but we have really fun Cars 3 Activity Sheets as well!

With Summer in full swing I have heard several friends say that Cars 3 was SOLD OUT when they got to the theater!  Make sure to grab your Cars 3 tickets on Fandango first!

You can read our full review on Cars 3 as well as get a sneak peek at the Disney Pixar short “LOU” on our latest Cars 3 blog post. Just in case you haven’t seen the trailer, I have included it below.  I dare you to not have your heart captured in the first few seconds.

Cars 3 coloring pages

I was thrilled to see Cars 3 as part of the Cars 3 press junket a few months before it opened in theaters.  If you would like to read articles about what went into this awesome new film you are in for a treat! Here is an Interview with the Director and Producers of Cars 3. Peek into what some of the artists and filmmakers of Cars 3 had to say. And lastly, if you want to check out the Pixar Campus, it is pretty awesome.  Full disclosure, there is no chance your place of work is anywhere near as cool and I cannot be held responsible for you feeling badly.

A huge thank you to Disney Pixar for inviting me to visit Pixar Studios and hear all about Cars 3, and thank you for sending these fun printable coloring sheets!

Cars 3 Coloring Printable


Cars 3 coloring pages -free printable coloring sheets for Cars 3
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Cars 3 coloring pages -free printable coloring sheets for Cars 3
Cars 3 coloring pages! Grab free printable coloring pages of Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, and Cruz Ramirez from the new Disney Pixar film Cars 3!
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