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First look at Ralph Breaks the Internet!

Posted on: by Kate

Walt Disney Animation Studios tends to release an animated film every year just in time for my birthday.  Some may say it is for Thanksgiving, but I like to think…

An interview with Christopher Robin director Marc Forster

Posted on: by Kate

If you have not seen Christopher Robin in theaters yet I have one question for you…. WHY?!  It is 100% the big giant hug that every family in America needs…

Introducing Bronte Carmichael #ChristopherRobinEvent

Posted on: by Kate

Disney’s Christopher Robin opened in theaters this past week and audiences are loving the addition of Madeline Robin to the Winnie the Pooh universe.  Bronte Carmichael is the charming and…

An Interview with Hayley Atwell about Christopher Robin

Posted on: by Kate

Disney’s Christopher Robin opened in theaters this last weekend, and it is capturing audience’s hearts everywhere.  It is a beautiful family friendly film that I highly recommend.  Winnie the Pooh’s…

Jim Cummings Poohs voice

Who voices Winnie the Pooh?

Posted on: by Kate

Last week I was honored to interview one of the most recognizeable and beloved voices of my childhood; and probably yours. While in Los Angeles for #ChristopherRobinEvent  I had the…

DISNEY’S CHRISTOPHER ROBIN review – calm for the chaos

Posted on: by Kate

I read somewhere “When children are overwhelmed by their emotions, it is our job to share our calm rather than accept their invite into chaos.”  That is a paraphrase, but…

An interview with Ewan McGregor #ChristopherRobinEvent

Posted on: by Kate

This past week I was able to attend #ChristopherRobinEvent in Los Angeles.  I had the opportunity to pre-screen Disney’s Christopher Robin, walk the red carpet, and even intervew the cast…

Christopher Robin Red Carpet Premiere! #ChristopherRobinEvent

Posted on: by Kate

The World Premiere of Disney’s Christopher Robin was held on the Disney lot in Burbank this past Monday evening.  I was so excited to be there.  This was the first…

I’ll be in Los Angeles for the Christopher Robin premiere!

Posted on: by Kate

I am beyond excited to be packing my bags for a trip to Los Angeles!  Next week I will be getting a behind the scenes look at some of the…

Inside Out free printables

Disney Pixar Inside Out Free Printables

Posted on: by Kate

Inside Out continues to be one of our favorite Disney Pixar films. Inside Out is a great movie to help kids know how to discuss their emotions and work through…

Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos shares about Day of the Dead and Coco #PixarCocoEvent

Posted on: by Kate

  Photo Credit Mama Latina Tips Coco is playing in theaters now and has been a runaway hit.  It has captured the hearts of so many and brought families closer…

olaf adventure

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Posted on: by Kate

  Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is playing exclusively in theaters with Disney Pixar’s Coco! I recently shared my parent’s review of Coco as well as photos from the red carpet. Olaf’s…