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Cleft Palate Repair Surgery printables

What to expect with Cleft Palate Repair Surgery (Plus free printables)

Posted on: by Kate

Cleft Palate Repair surgery is an uncomfortable reality for children born with cleft palates. Our youngest child has had two cleft palate surgeries to date with one more possibly on…

I wish my parents knew what my kids say every time Trump levels up on the crazy

Posted on: by Kate

Unfortunately, we are estranged from my parents.  While my position in my family was set as scapegoat by four years old (have them tell you the story some time about…

Hearts On the Door Valentines Day

“Don’t Forget My Hearts Mom!” Easy Valentine’s Day Tradition

Posted on: by Kate

Door hearts is our favorite Valentine’s Day Tradition.  During the month of February we love to shower our kids with this fun and completely free activity.  This is a simple…

free school lunches for covid relief

School lunches free through June 2021 – Covid relief

Posted on: by Kate

By now, many of us have received a small check from the government to help with the global pandemic.  More information about your stimulus check and what the amount may…

something I want

Christmas List FREE Printable – Something I’d like, Something I need…..

Posted on: by Kate

It is time to start our reasonable Christmas lists! In our family we do three presents and a personalized stocking.  Our four presents are “Something I want, something I need,…

3 reasons why I am not sending you a Christmas card this year.

Posted on: by Kate

It is the time of year that so many of us are thinking about Christmas cards.  The holiday season is fast approaching and Christmas cards are such a nice sentiment. …

Video of San Diego Kidnapping Attempt

Attempted Kidnapping at Costco in Vista California video released

Posted on: by Kate

As a mom, I am as concerned as anyone by the idea of an attempted kidnapping. When I heard that there was an attempted kidnapping in my home town of…

Schitts Creek Family Costumes

Schitt’s Creek Costumes

Posted on: by Kate

Schitt’s Creek is one of the best shows on TV right now.  This popular show from Canada features a hysterical cast with eccentric wardrobes. Our family found Schitt’s Creek on…

Online teaching tools

Distance Learning Ideas for Teachers

Posted on: by Kate

With the Pandemic being stronger than ever, most schools in the United States have made the difficult but necessary decision to do most of their teaching online. Online learning provides…

homeschool tips during school closure for corona virus

How do you Home School? 10 tips to get you through.

Posted on: by Kate

In light of the Coronavirus global pandemic, I have been asked several times about how we manage to home school our kids.  While this isn’t really affecting families that already…

10 of the most outrageous signs spotted at the Women’s March

Posted on: by Kate

We are getting ready for another Women’s March because things are still as crazy as they were last year.  We had so much fun last year and we took lots…

losing a spouse unexpectedly

When it is too late to re-evaluate your Life Insurance….

Posted on: by Kate

Life insurance is something we know we need, but it really isn’t something we want to think about.  My friend, Kara speaks publicly about how she lost her husband tragically…