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Sugar Bowl Bakery : Mother’s Day Tea

Posted on: by Kate

Are you hosting a Mother’s Day Tea?  I have a quick suggestion for a lovely addition to your menu!  We were recently introduced to Sugar Bowl Bakery desserts and we…

Frozen Viewing Party

Frozen Birthday Party!

Posted on: by Kate

Our oldest really lucked out this year! Our blog was super lucky to be chosen to host a #DisneySide party!!  #DisneySide is an awesome campaign that encourages fans to show…

Verse & Chorus : Wine by Mat Kearney {Sold Exclusively at Whole Foods Market}

Posted on: by Kate

Sometimes my work involves hanging out with Rock Stars, not usually, usually it involves hanging out at Whole Foods.  This past week I to hang out with a rock star…….

cranberry salsa

Cranberry Salsa : Healthy Holiday Recipe (with a twist!)

Posted on: by Kate

Cranberry Salsa is one of my favorite things to make for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It is festive, delicious, and actually quite healthy!  A friend shared a similar recipe with me…

Sweet Potato Rolls

Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls : Holiday Recipe

Posted on: by Kate

* This yummy recipe is by guest blogger Rabecca from Ranalid Family Farm – make sure to read to the end to get her gluten free version as well! These…

Stonyfield recipe

Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake : with a little help from Stonyfield

Posted on: by Kate

My daughter came home the other day raving about a cranberry orange scone.  She just went on and on about how it was such a yummy, Christmas timey flavor, but…