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onions help you play minecraft

Breaking Internet news : Onions improve your brain’s ability to play Minecraft

Posted on: by Kate

Our kids are pretty good little eaters. They eat their fair share of vegetables and fruits.  They all have a very small list of foods they really dislike.  Onions top…

preventing common sports injuries in kids

Tips for Preventing Common Sports Injuries in Kids

Posted on: by Kate

Our kids are probably a lot like your kids.  Sports, dance, and outside play all keep them active and healthy.  As they get older and more active we are doing…

kids go back to school

First day of Kindergarten for my baby…. sniff sniff….. just kidding – girl, bye.

Posted on: by Kate

Three kiddos were off to school this past week.  While we partially homeschool, the kids pack it up and go to a traditional school three days a week.  I live…

Play-Doh Town

Create Lasting Memories With Play-Doh Town

Posted on: by Kate

Brought to you by Hasbro   As a busy parent, it can be difficult to find a healthy and educational balance in your child’s daily activities. At times, it might…

All it took was $1600 and a big fat lie to potty train my youngest…..

Posted on: by Kate

  So I don’t know if you have had the pleasure of meeting my youngest.  She’s adorable.  She is also stubborn.  She is a huge Disneyland fan. She is also…

That time my kids called ‘baloney’ on the Easter Bunny

Posted on: by Kate

So my big kids are eight years old.  They are somewhat skeptical little monkeys and between you and me, I cannot for the life of me figure out why they…

Please Send Luke a “Happy New Year” Card

Posted on: by Kate

I want to quickly introduce you to my friend’s little boy.  This is Luke, he is nine years old.  If you follow along here you might have seen pics of…

santa's footprints

Santa Footprints

Posted on: by Kate

Did you notice Santa footprints by your fireplace last year?  If you didn’t, maybe you should check this year!  We could not believe our luck when we saw Santa footprints…


Mediocre Elf on the Shelf Ideas for the rest of us.

Posted on: by Kate

OK, so there are plenty of sites out there with really fancy Elf on the Shelf ideas.  This isn’t one of those posts!  I’m kinda all about minimal effort, but…

Star Wars, Angry Birds, and LEGO Birthday Party! 8 Years Old!

Posted on: by Kate

This is the story of our son’s Star Wars, Angry Birds, and LEGO Birthday Party.  It was epic.  It was perhaps one too many themes for some, but it was…

Parents Choice Diapers sold exclusively at Walmart

Potty Training, it will happen when it’s gonna happen : Parent’s Choice Diapers for now!

Posted on: by Kate

So, our littlest recently turned three.  We had hoped we would be out of diapers by this point.  We knew we might not be completely potty trained, but we were…