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CAUSEBOX by Sevenly

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Disclosure: Sevenly contacted me and sent me a complimentary Causebox to help spread the word. Affiliate link is included but commissions this entire year will be donated to Show Hope! Opinions are my own.


I was recently introduced to a new subscription box that is so up my alley I just can’t even stand it.  CAUSEBOX by Sevenly is a new quarterly subscription box that helps spread good in the world.  CAUSEBOX is like many other subscription boxes in that it is box full of surprise goodies worth far more than the price of the box.  What’s different about CAUSEBOX is that every single thing inside the box is made by a company that donates a certain percentage of their profits to charity.  Even better than that, in staying true to the Sevenly model $7 of the purchase price is donated to charity too!

With CAUSEBOX by Sevenly you are getting to know about several new companies that help spread good AND you are spreading good by purchasing the box!  Their message is simple – People Matter.


If you get a Sevenly box – PLEASE share about the box itself and also share your favorite items inside – I want so much for us all to spread the word about this box subscription that truly is making the world a better place!  This is some guilt free shopping friends!

You want to know an awesome extra bonus?  I am now a CAUSEBOX Affiliate – meaning I help spread the word and I get a teensie commission – but guess what?!  If you sign up for CAUSEBOX 03 or for a year subscription (a year subscription is a bit less expensive per box) I am donating my FULL commission to one of my favorite adoption charities Show Hope.  Every single penny you guys!  A little birdie told me that Causebox 03 is the best yet and I can’t wait to see it myself!

OK – so who wants to see what was in CAUSEBOX 02?  Well here you go! Here is the box….


and then just a few of my favorites close up…..

20150425_132228Fun Stickers with positive sayings.

Smarty-pants-vitamins3 packs of Smarty Pants Vitamins

20150425_132308Good Spread Sample Pack – just enough to use as dip for my apple – also a 10% off code for Amazon

20150425_132329Funky Tribe Alive bracelet – simple but very pretty, delicate, and well made.

20150425_132428Really beautiful writing journal made by Sevenly.  Picture does not do it justice.

causebox-necklaceHalf United Necklace – one necklace purchased equals 7 meals donated to someone in need

Want some good news?  As of this moment when I am writing this post there are still a few CAUSEBOX 02’s left – grab one!  Oh!  And if you do – I will totally donate my Affiliate commission for that too!

So sign up for CAUSEBOX by Sevenly today! All the cool kids are doing it!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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