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Christmas Giving ideas from Outside the Bowl

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Thank you to my friend Nicole for sharing some Christmas Giving ideas from Outside the Bowl.  Outside the Bowl is a charity that is very close to our family’s hearts.  I love to give them the opportunity to share about their ministry and I sure hope I encourage a few to follow and support Outside the Bowl!  The ideas for giving below can of course be applied to any charity that you feel is best.  Christmas is about thinking outside of ourselves and spreading the love – these are some really creative and fun ideas!  Thank you Outside the Bowl for sharing!



Thanksgiving is a great time to talk with your family about your Christmas gift-giving plans. Here are some ways that you can give back in a meaningful way that puts Christ first at Christmas and supports Outside the Bowl at the same time!

  • Talk with your extended family about a FAMILY DONATION. Each person or family unit can anonymously put money in an envelope and put it on the tree during your family get-together. After dinner, the money can be counted and together you can celebrate how the message of Christ will be delivered as Outside the Bowl feeds the hungry—body and soul.
  • Make a donation to Outside the Bowl in lieu of a gift. We can provide a touching card that lets the recipient know that a donation has been made in their honor.
  • Bring your children or family to our Outside the Bowl office in Vista and let them put their gift money into our Christmas gift box or kettle (just give us a heads up when you’re coming!). While they are there, they can see photos of the children they are helping to feed and a model of what our kitchens in Mexico and South Africa look like!
  • Have a holiday party where friends make a donation to attend or have a money tree where they can leave a gift.
  • Determine, as a family or individually, to commit to giving a recurring monthly gift to Outside the Bowl as your family gift. This gifts truly help sustain the ministry and help us plan for the year ahead.
  • Donate one of your gifts this year to Outside the Bowl to be used for fundraising.
  • Drop off a special donation in the soup kettle located at The Edge on the North Coast Church campus.
  • Buy a special gift when you are shopping and give it to Outside the Bowl to use at a future fundraising event.
  • Have a cookie exchange where attendees vote for the best cookie through donations (buy plastic containers at the Dollar Store and cut a slit in the lid to insert money).
  • Rather than a White Elephant exchange, have everyone bring a nice, unwrapped gift and have a silent auction. See who bids the most on their own item!


These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how easy it is to make an eternal impact by partnering with Outside the Bowl. Thank you for choosing to celebrate Christmas through generosity and giving! For more information about Outside the Bowl visit or email if you need additional ideas or have questions.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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