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Community Garden : Fun Family Time

Posted on: by Kate

A few years ago we were part of a community service project with our church that helped build a community garden in a Senior Living Facility.  The goal was not just to build the garden boxes – but to then tend to the garden year after year.  The residents love seeing the kids running around and the kids enjoy talking with the residents.  They all find each other charming.

Community Garden

In addition to the fun relationships we are able to foster for our kids, we are also learning to be little farmers.  I must admit, our first crop was not great.  This is our second year and we are doing a little better –  it is a learning curve for sure!

new garden

We have high hopes for this little squashy squash.

Community Garden

Our neighbors can grow pumpkins like a boss….. we are kinda jealous.

J is in love with our tomato plants – we planted several and they are doing OK.  We aren’t the best gardeners, but we always get about a dozen tomatoes when we visit the garden.  Does anybody have any hot tips on how to get those crazy big tomato plants?  There are so many recipes I want to try but we really just have enough for salads and sandwiches.  I sure would love some tips!

Community Garden Tomatoes

One of the best parts of being a part of a community garden is we are able to share with the other plot holders – and we all get LOTS of free organic produce that we all grew together!  Our garden is lined with fruit trees that provide everyone with lots of fruits too!  While our garden is all filled up – I highly suggest asking around in your community and seeing if there is a garden close by that you can join.  Many churches, senior living facilities, and parks have community gardens – many are free or just a nominal fee to join.

Organic Apples

These bad boys are gonna be Slow Cooker Apple Butter in about a month!

Organic Plums

I think I might try making Plum Freezer Jam in a couple weeks when these get ripe!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. T says:

    I especially love the idea of drawing the community into the seniors for relationship building! So neat!

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