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“Coop & Cami” Holiday Special on 25 Days of Christmas!

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Disclosure: #25DaysofChristmas was hosted by Disney. Opinions are my own.

Disney Channel is a staple in our house.  Our kids love the story lines and crazy antics, I like that it is family friendly.  When I was in Los Angeles for #MaryPoppinsReturnsEvent my kids were most excited that I was scheduled to interview the kids from Coop & Cami.  Our group was able to spend one morning celebrating 25 Days of Christmas. Earlier I shared about tWitch and Allison’s shows as well as The Great Christmas Light Fight and The Great American Bake off, but this is the interview my kids were jumping up and down for.

coop and cami christmas special

I have been lucky enough to interview other actors in the past, many from Disney Channel.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I am floored by how down to earth they are.We met four of the actors from Coop & Cami and all were personable, engaging, gracious, and just obviously so excited to be a part of the show.  It was awesome to sit and chat with Dakota Lotus (Cooper), Ruby Rose Turner (Cami), Paxton Booth (Ollie), and Albert Tsai (Fred).  We watched the Cooper & Cami holiday special (no spoilers, I promise) and then were able to talk about acting, the show, and what the holidays mean to the kids.

coop and cami interview

We watched their holiday special that airs tonight (this Friday) called “Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry?” It airs on the Disney Channel at 8pm.  The show is exactly my kid’s kind of humor, but it also has a wonderful message. I loved how it shows how hard parents work to give their kids a memorable Christmas. It also drives home a message about what the holidays are all about.  This time of year means a lot of things to a lot of people, but generally our goal is to love others.  It is so hard for kids to not be selfish, and the show definitely speaks to that. I love that Disney Channel shows look like fun and games, but always have a moral for our kids.

ruby rose cami disney channel

Here is a bit of our interview with the talented kids from Coop and Cami….

When asked “What was your favorite part of the episode?”

Without giving too much away, the cast agreed that having a reindeer on set was amazing.  They also pointed out that there was a trainer on set and that the cast and reindeer were always safe.  Noted.

We learned that Paxton Booth (the youngest of the group) is a stunt man in training. He shared that he is always ready for stunts and is very brave. “Oh, yeah, if you didn’t know, he’s like our test pilot. So he does like all the stunts on the show.” said Dakota Lotus of Paxton.

When asked what their favorite thing about Christmas is – they all had sweet answers.

“Spending time with family.”  Dakota Lotus

“I love decorating the tree and putting up all the festive décor, and I also like baking stuff during Christmas, like the holidays.” Albert Tsai

The sweetest answer came from Paxton Booth who said ” My favorite part is my grandma comes home for Christmas. And that’s the one time of year I get to see my grandma, so yeah.”

When asked what do you want your viewers to take away from this episode, they all had great answers.  Tsai’s answer was really the best and what I hope everyone will get when they watch it “Coming together and putting aside your differences.” Albert Tsai

We wrapped our 25 Days of Christmas visit in the most perfect of ways.  Disney has committed to making the holidays brighter for kids in need by partnering with Toys for Tots.  Everyone in attendance brought a toy or two to share with kids that might not have a gift otherwise.  I love seeing companies with so much influence make it a point to help others. You can partner with Disney at any Disney Store in person or online at ShopDisney.

Thank you so much to Disney for giving us a sneak peek at the show!  Thank you to the cast of Coop and Cami for taking the time to chat with us.  We hope to see you real soon!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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