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We are going to Costa Rica!

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Disclosure : We received a travel package through the #GiftofHappiness campaign. All opinions are 100% my own.

beach costa rica

Harry and I have been dreaming of a tropical getaway for a very long time.  For so many reasons we really just weren’t able to do much more than a quick staycation, and really that was totally OK with us.  We’d love to travel somewhere exotic, but it just didn’t seem to be that season right now…. and then we got an email inviting us to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica

WHAT?!  For real.

Best. Assignment. Ever.

This trip kinda came out of the blue and we are having a lot of fun scrambling to get ready.  Our trip to Costa Rica comes at the end of a really stressful time for our whole family, mainly that we moved into our new fixer upper.  Our trip will also celebrate our 35th and 40th birthday and that is pretty cool!  We are super excited that Grandma is coming to stay with the kids and Harry and I are setting off for the rainforest for a week!  Second Honeymoon Baby!  Seriously – we are super excited and we just can’t wait to experience Costa Rica together!

Costa Rica Waterfall

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Harry is looking forward to surfing in Costa Rica, I am actually going to take lessons while I am there!  I am really looking forward to hiking and zip lining through the rain forest….. I am little wary of the gigantic bugs and spiders…. but I am mostly looking forward to it.  It is my goal to see a monkey and sloth in the wild in Costa Rica…. bonus points for a baby sloth.  Wish us safe travels – I can’t wait to share.


….. Can you tell you I am a wee bit excited?

As stated, we have never been to Costa Rica.  Have you ever been? Please leave your travel tips in our comment section – we need all the help we can get!

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*Thank you to Meredith and Timber for sending me pictures from their trip!*

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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