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Thrifted Honey Lemon Costume – DIY

Our kids are obsessed with Big Hero 6 and I love it.  I love the messages of this film, especially that smart and quirky is cool and that girls are…

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DIY Olaf Costume Instructions

diy Olaf Costume

When my son asked for a DIY Olaf Costume for Mickey’s Halloween Party this year we had no idea the beast of a project we were signing up for.  My…

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Our DIY Olaf Costume for Halloween!

DIY Olaf Costume

So when our son asked us last November if we could make him an Olaf costume we were all “Sure Buddy!” we had no idea how crazy complicated it was…

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Sneak Peek at our DIY Olaf Halloween Costume

DIY Olaf Costume Sneak Peek

So last year as we drove home from the media screening of Frozen my son says “Daddy, can you make me an Olaf Halloween costume next year?”  Harry had made…

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DIY Disney’s Frozen Princess Costume Capes and Crafts


We are so excited to visit Disneyland in just a couple weeks and our littlest is going to be dressed to impress in her DIY Frozen Princess Costume!  DIY is…

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LEGO Thor Costume : DIY Instructions


So our son is kinda into LEGO….. like a lot.  He is also into Superheroes.  One of our favorite family traditions during the Halloween season is to attend Brick or…

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Family of Five Costume Idea : Mary Poppins Cast!

Mary Poppins Cast Disneyland

We are slowly beginning to understand the world was really made for the family of four and this is very true when it comes to family themed costume ideas.  This…

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DIY Dora Costume : Easy and Frugal Toddler Costume


I just had to share what just might be the simplest and certainly the least expensive costume I have yet to make!  Our littlest’s is all about Dora (she is…

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DIY Lilo Costume


DIY Costumes are the best!  We love to use thrifted pieces and have also made our own patterns to make our own costumes.  Our favorite kind of costumes are Disney inspired but we also make sure to showcase other types of costumes as well.  When we are done with our dress up or trick or treating you can often find our costume pieces in our vintage and costume etsy store – I hope you will check it out!  We prefer costumes that are respectful and modest, but still lots of fun!  No flirty skirts or making fun of people here – just fun dress up. Please enjoy looking through our posts for inspiration for your next dress up party, we include detailed information when we can and also links on where you can buy certain items if you want to keep your costume building experience simple!