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Lilo Costume : Easy NO SEW Halloween DIY

DIY Lilo Costume

Lilo is one of the sweetest and easiest DIY Costumes you can make!  Without breaking out a sewing machine, you can make this no-sew Lilo and Stitch costume.  With these…

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DIY Valentine’s Day Card with Candy Canes

Don’t hate me, but Valentine’s Day is not my jam.  More specifically, Valentine’s Day parties at kid’s schools are not my jam.  I will never be accused of an over…

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DIY “Inside Out” Craft

School’s out! It is summer craft time and summer movie time!  While we were at Disney Social Media Moms we got a sneak peek at Disney Pixar’s Inside Out and…

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Pottery Barn Inspired Ruler : $7 verses $99

I love Pottery Barn so much.  Sadly, I am not a billionaire.   Thankfully, I do have $7 and I am married to someone very handy.   In one afternoon my husband…

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Free Party Printables for Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 Printable party pack

We are knee deep in party planning for our Big Hero 6 birthday party for our new nine year old.  While there are not a ton of Big Hero 6…

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DIY Olaf Costume Instructions

diy Olaf Costume

When my son asked for a DIY Olaf Costume for Mickey’s Halloween Party this year we had no idea the beast of a project we were signing up for.  My…

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Our DIY Olaf Costume for Halloween!

DIY Olaf Costume

So when our son asked us last November if we could make him an Olaf costume we were all “Sure Buddy!” we had no idea how crazy complicated it was…

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Sneak Peek at our DIY Olaf Halloween Costume

DIY Olaf Costume Sneak Peek

So last year as we drove home from the media screening of Frozen my son says “Daddy, can you make me an Olaf Halloween costume next year?”  Harry had made…

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DIY “Happy Back to School” Oversized Card for the teacher

Happy Back to School!!! Our big kids are so excited about Back to School and they can’t wait to meet their new teachers. Our kids are continuing with a half…

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MALEFICENT free printable activities

Maleficent activity sheets

So just two days ago I posted “Is Maleficent too scary for kids?” and I was quite surprised to see how much attention in received!  While we are waiting a…

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MALEFICENT Free Printable Activity Sheets


We love how Disney sends us fun FREE Printables each time a new movie comes to theaters.  Harry and I are anxiously awaiting the release of Disney’s MALEFICENT on May…

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DIY Elsa Frozen Dress : Thrift Store Make over – NO SEW


I am not sure if you know this, but there is a bit of Disney Frozen obsession going on in our house.  Big time.  Of course we wanted an Elsa…

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Three fun things to do with Peeps!

top peeps recipies

Peeps are a sweet Easter tradition in our house.   Peeps taste the same as ever, but there are SO many different types of Peeps!  Chick and Bunny Peeps come in…

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DIY Disney’s Frozen Princess Costume Capes and Crafts


We are so excited to visit Disneyland in just a couple weeks and our littlest is going to be dressed to impress in her DIY Frozen Princess Costume!  DIY is…

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Reclaimed Wood Sign : DIY Decor


We are having so much fun decorating our new fixer upper on a shoe string budget.  I love thrifting, garage sailing, and re-purposing hand me downs and what others might…

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Frozen Birthday Party!

Frozen Viewing Party

Our oldest really lucked out this year! Our blog was super lucky to be chosen to host a #DisneySide party!!  #DisneySide is an awesome campaign that encourages fans to show…

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DIY Photo Props for Birthday Parties

diy cardboard cutout

This year Olaf from Disney’s Frozen came to our daughter’s birthday party! Well, sort of.  We have a little tradition born out of our tight budget that we have used…

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Easy Homemade Play Dough – DIY


The kids and I had a lot of fun making easy homemade play dough the other day as part of our homeschool / homework science project.  I used a standard…

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Mediocre Painted Pumpkins : A step by step tutorial

Painted Pumpkins

I’m not gonna lie.  I have literally never carved a pumpkin and if I can live a long life without that experience that would be great. My husband never carved…

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LEGO Thor Costume : DIY Instructions


So our son is kinda into LEGO….. like a lot.  He is also into Superheroes.  One of our favorite family traditions during the Halloween season is to attend Brick or…

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