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Create Lasting Memories With Play-Doh Town

Posted on: by Kate

Brought to you by Hasbro


As a busy parent, it can be difficult to find a healthy and educational balance in your child’s daily activities. At times, it might be tempting to put them in front of the T.V. for a few hours, but this can prevent them from learning to use their imaginations to create fun adventures and lasting memories.


With Hasbro’s new Play-Doh Town playsets, keeping your child engaged and entertained is easy. Each set has its own wacky character and colorful designs, from a pet store to a firehouse, even an ice cream truck! It’s time to unplug those electronics and unlock a world of fun and imagination, with Hasbro’s Play-Doh Town world.

Play Doh Image 2

Start creating the memories that will last a lifetime with Play-Doh Town play sets. For more information watch the video above then visit

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  1. I love the idea of turning Play-doh into a pretend play activity! My kids would love this!

  2. Sarah Sobocinski says:

    This is pretty cool. My kids love playing with play doh.

  3. Jimena says:

    Time to start playing with play- doh at my house 😉

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