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Cuetlaxochitl Coloring Sheet

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Cuetlaxochitl Flowers are a popular flower by a different name. Students will be interested in learning about the history of the flower that most Americans call “Poinsettias”.

The Legend of the Cuetlaxochitl Flower

The book above shares a great lesson about the Cuetlaxochitl flower for families and students. Please feel free to print the free coloring page below to use in your lessons about the book. You can find more free educational printable coloring pages and activity sheets in our Printables section on this site. This is a perfect winter time lesson for elementary school children. We hope teachers, homeschoolers, and parents will share this page with friends who also want to teach the history of this beautiful flower!

Cuetlaxochitl Flower Instant Download Printable Coloring Page

Cuetlaxochitl flower poinsettia instant download free coloring page

What is the Cuetlaxochitl flower?

A Cuetlaxochitl flower is a beautiful deep red. The flower is made up of bracts that look like petals and tiny yellow flowers in the center. The tiny yellow flowers in the center of the Cuetlaxochitl is called the ‘cyathia’. The colorful Christmas red bracts attract insects to pollinate the flower.

The Cuetlaxochitl flower is indigenous to Southern Mexico. This plant is commonly known in the US by the name “poinsettia”. The Cuetlaxochitl flower was long used by the native Nahau people as early as the 14th century, long before the Europeans colonized the area. The name Cuetlaxochitl is pronounced ‘kwet-la-sho-she’.

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