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Dealing with Pet Messes and odors – advice & a FREE E-book!

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On Christmas Eve our family grew by four feet.  We adopted dog Mabel, and life has never been the same.  While we love having a little furry member of the family; she didn’t come without a little added work for everyone. I’m excited to share a little about things that worked for us and also a FREE e-book (linked below) if you are dealing with pet messes and odor.  If I can encourage you in anything, it is first to know your dog (or any pet) has their own personality and quirks; what worked for our dog may not work for yours.  Get lots of advice, get to know your new fur baby, and just like with the human variety – patience and consistency seems to be the best foundation.


We found out quickly that Mabel was very anxious and we often had messes when she was feeling anxious. While I am no pet mess expert, she has been home for about three months and as I type this she has been accident free for more than a month. I *think* we have her trained.  We made ourselves pet experts by trial and error, listening to her first family, watching some videos, cleaning up a BUNCH of messes ,and doing our best to clear out the odor. Of course every pet is different, but having lots of tools to help your pet learn to potty outside and having the right stuff to clean up messes when they happen is going to get you to your goal faster. I also have a FREE downloadable e-book for anyone to take advantage of at the bottom!


Mable is high energy, anxious, and over drinks – this is a perfect storm for potty messes!  Below are a few of the things that helped her learn to potty outside.

Make sure she gets plenty of exercise – we’ve noticed that Mabel does much better in life with lots of exercise.  Always research to see how much exercise is suggested for your breed of dog, but also remember each dog is different.

Water Intake – Mabel is like a goat.  She will eat and eat until food is gone, even if it is 8 times her normal serving.  She will do the same with water.  We researched how much water is healthy and try to minimize much more than that.  We of course make sure water is available on hot days and after runs and play.  We just make sure she is not having an excessive amount of water because that makes it even harder for her nervous bladder.

Lessen anxiety with crate training.  Mabel has major separation anxiety, especially when Harry (her new pack leader) leaves.  The first couple weeks she would howl and run to every known door in the house.  She jumped up on on windows and doors and bolted in every direction.  This happened simply because daddy was leaving.  Oh, and on more than one occasion we had nervous puddles tracked all over the house. A friend and trainer suggested crate training.  I am not a pet expert and I will not suggest how anyone should use a crate, but in our case it has been so beneficial.  She actually knows when Harry is leaving and she goes into her crate voluntarily and without suggestion.  She anxiously awaits his ‘goodbye cookie’ and that is where she stays for an hour or so after he leaves.  Her whole day goes better when she has some uninterrupted ‘me time’ – apparently the idea of me time in universal and crosses the boundaries of species!

Below are some of our new favorite tools we have found that make dealing with messes so much easier!

  • OUT! has a new line including heavy duty quilted dog pads, which are 50 % stronger and 25% more absorbent.  The new XXL size is 75% larger than regular pads and are perfect for pet parents that work outside of the house.  While your dog is training, these pads are great especially if you are out of the house for long periods of time.The redesigned best-selling dog pads, Odor Control Quilted Dog Pads, are for pet parents who want Improved quality and performance at the same great price.Both pads now offer triple protection against leaks, quicker absorption, advanced odor control and an advanced dog attractant to train pets where to go potty.·  OUT! items are available at Walmart and online at



When you do have a mess – our favorite products are by Simple Solution.  I have read that you need to remove the pet stains and odors not just because they are unpleasant to the humans, but also to discourage your pet from making that their toilet for the future.  There are several different Simple Solutions products, I love the citrus scented products.  I like the smell of citrus and apparently it is unpleasant to dogs and cats – who knew?  Maybe you did, but this dog stuff is all new to me! The orange oxy charged stain and odor remover has worked like a charm at everything Mabel threw at it!  Simple Solution Stain & Odor Removers are designed to meet every type of pet related cleaning need, including hard to remove, lingering odors.  Simple Solution is available at Petsmart and also online (linked above!).


This is our favorite when things get extreme…..


We walk our dog so as responsible pet owners we take a ‘poop bag’ – I highly suggest a biodegradable option like the ones from Bags on Board we also just got a cute (and more importantly, functional!) Refillable bag dispenser that simply clicks right onto Mabel’s harness.


I like that the bag dispenser is refillable and holds an entire roll.  This is much more efficient and of course so much more fashionable than the old ‘tie a bag onto the leash’ method we were using before we were introduced to the bags on board option.


Love, patience, consistency….. and some stuff to clean up the messes along the way! 😉


For more tips – check out Live the Pet Life – there are so many tips and tricks to helping you and your pet!


I am happy to share this helpful FREE E-book with all readers “Getting Tough on Pet Stains and Odors”  – simply click here and download!  Inside each Ebook on the last page of the E-book, you’ll find a “Shop Now” button with a code for 10% off – make sure to grab that to save on purchases for your pet.


Until Next Time ~ Kate
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