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Disney Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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Dogs are canonically the youngest child in every family, so it’s no surprise we need to find adorable dog Halloween costumes. So, we’ve collected the best Disney dog costumes that you can find online so your doggie can have the best one in the neighborhood. Our dog looks best in the sillier costumes, but we’ve got plenty of dog princess dresses on this list as well. We will be sharing lots of dog costume ideas, but this list is just Disney Halloween Costumes for dogs.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Dog costumes are hilarious and are one of my favorite things see online. Just like the ones for the kids, Dog Halloween Costume Contests are one of the cutest things to watch! In addition to the priceless video footage, they are also a great place to socialize and meet other local dog owners. Dogs in costumes are always a funny thing to watch on Instagram and TikTok. Most dog owners embrace their dogs as if they were their actual children so why would they not want their fur baby to experience the joy of Halloween. We always bring our dog along while our kids trick or treat, her costume always gets lots of laughs. Make sure to let your dog try on their costume beforehand so they can get used to the idea of wearing it. 

top 20 disney dog costumes

If you like our list of Disney Dog Costumes, Check out our ideas for Dog Barbie Costumes for Fur Baby Halloween fun!

Dog Barbie dress pink gingham halloween costume

Dog Disney Costume Ideas

Below is our list of the best Disney costumes for dogs.  Double check that you get the right size for your particular dog, because most of these costumes come in one size only. While most costumes seem to be made for smaller dogs, we have found several medium and large size dog Halloween costumes for our big puppy!

Our List has Costumes from the following Disney Movies:
– The Lion King
– Aladdin
– The Little Mermaid
– Beauty and the Beast
– Snow White and the 7 Dwarves
– Mickey and Friends
– Winnie the Pooh
– Hocus Pocus
– Frozen 
– Toy Story
– The Nightmare Before Christmas
– Tinkerbell
– The Incredibles
– Maleficent
– Cinderella
– Lilo and Stitch
– Dumbo
– Finding Nemo

See your favorite Disney movie on the list? The costumes are shown in that order, so you can scroll immediately to your favorite. If you don’t see your favorite on this list, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to add it!



lion king rafiki dog costume

Of course, I had to show this masterpiece first. It is perfection, it is everything dog costumes should be. It’s silly, it has an optical illusion, it’s recognizable, and it’s hilarious. If you want your dog to be Rafiki (and Simba) from the Lion King, this is the costume for you!





Disney’s Aladdin is one of the most iconic Disney movies of all time. We were able to find several Disney dog costumes for this one. Your dog can be Princess JasmineGenieAbu, or Raja this Halloween!

aladdin costumes for dogs

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Aladdin Pet Costume, Princess Jasmine, Medium : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Aladdin Pet Costume, Genie, X-Large : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Aladdin Pet Costume, ABU, Medium : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Pet Raja The Tiger Dog Costume (Size: Medium) by Disguise : Pet Supplies




Do you think your dog dreams about the human world? Dress them up like Ariel, or Flounder!

little mermaid dog costume

The Ursula Costume below took me out. Click on the photo to see the costume, it is sure to sell out quickly! 

Amazon.com: Disney Villains Ursula Dog Costume : Pet Supplies




Is she a princess? Or is he a beast?! One of the most recognizable of these Disney dog costumes are Belle and The Beast!

beauty and the beast dog costumes







mickey and friends dog costumes

Perhaps you have a group of dogs that you want to be the Mickey and Friends Family. Dress them like Goofy, Donald, Mickey, and Minnie! The Fab Five are a great option for a family with several cats and dogs, or for dog park friend groups!




winnie the pooh dog costumes

One of the funniest ideas is to have your dog pretend to be a cartoon animal for Halloween. Piglet and Eeyore are both delightful choices! Below you can also click directly on a Winnie the Pooh Dog Costume. Tigger costumes are also available for dogs! You have so many choices from our friends ta Pooh Corner! Pooh and Friends costumes come in several different sizes. Make sure to shop early for the best selection.




Or the most comedic costume of all, The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. You can get a Winifred, Sarah, or Mary puppy costume here! All you need now is a black flame candle. 

Sanderson Sisters Dog Costumes

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson Pet Costume, X-Large As Shown : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson Pet Costume and Wig, As Shown, Large : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com: Rubie’s Disney Hocus Pocus Mary Sanderson Pet Costume and Wig : Pet Supplies





Naturally, Olaf is an obvious choice for their costume, but why do Olaf when you can do Olaf riding Sven?

olaf and sven dog costumes

Amazon.com : Rubie’s unisex adult Disney: Frozen 2 Olaf Pet Costume Party Goods, AS Shown, L Neck 18 Girth 23 Back 22 US : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Frozen 2 Pet Costume Sven with Olaf Rider, Medium : Pet Supplies



Here is another option for a group costume for dogs. Bring together the whole Toy Story family with Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and A Pizza Planet Alien! (I also included a second Woody costume for dogs that wear a smaller size)

Dog costumes toy story

Amazon.com : Disney for Pets Halloween Toy Story Aliens Costume – Medium – | Medium Halloween Costumes for All Dogs, Officially Licensed Disney Dog Halloween Costume for Pets, Blue (FF21814) : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Rubie’s unisex adult Buzz Lightyear Pet Costume Accessory Set, Buzz Lightyear, Small Medium : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Pet Costume Accessory, Woody, Medium/Large : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Pet Costume, Woody, XXX-Large : Pet Supplies

Amazon.com : Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Pet Costume, Jessie, X-Large : Pet Supplies



The Nightmare Before Christmas is has become a classic collision of two popular holidays. Below are adorable costumes for your puppy featuring Sally, Jack, and even Zero!

sally and jack dog costumes






Tinkerbell is a tiny little fairy, but even big dogs can dress up as Tinkerbell! With a little imagination, this Pirate Dog Costume could be Captain Hook. While I cannot believe there is not a Peter Pan Dog costume, you can dress your fur baby as the Crocodile from Peter Pan!


Maleficent Dog Halloween Costume

If your pup was dressed as Maleficent, she would be wickedly adorable!

Cinderella Dog Costume

Is your Dog the fairest at the Royal Ball? Shop for you Cinderella Dog costume early for the best selection. Cinderella is one costume that has many different sizes for different breeds of dogs. Princess Dog Costumes are some of my favorites at Howl – o – Ween parties!

I hope your doggie has fun trick or treating or strutting their stuff in a Dog Halloween Parade. Dogs really are part of the family, so they should have a costume! If you liked this post, make sure to check out our posts with costume ideas for the humans!

Stitch Dog Costume

Dumbo Dog Costume

Finding Nemo Dog Costume

I hope your doggie has fun trick or treating or strutting their stuff in a Dog Halloween Parade. Dogs really are part of the family, so they should have a costume! If you liked this post, make sure to check out our posts with costume ideas for the humans!

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Until Next Time ~ Kate
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