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Disney Villain Halloween Tree Ideas

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Halloween is the kick off the holiday season.  As a family, we have so many traditions that we enjoy every year.  This year we have started a new tradition.  In an effort to savor the spooky season but also social distance, our family has crafted a Halloween tree that we plan on enjoying for years to come. We love a theme and it may come as no surprise that our theme for a Not so Spooky Halloween Tree is “Disney Villains”.


Disney Halloween Tree ideas and crafts

Disney is one of our favorite inspirations for the Halloween season.  Come back to see our Disney themed Halloween Lawn Display.  Don’t miss our DIY Disney Halloween Costumes and our Disney Family and Couple Costumes!  We really enjoy the Halloween season without getting too scary.  We also have Mickey Ghost Boo Basket printables for you too!

What is a Halloween Tree?

A Halloween Tree in our house is just the Christmas tree, but with Halloween decorations.  While some folks just have a small spooky Halloween tree that is different, we just decided to make sure of our artificial Christmas tree.

How do you decorate a Halloween Tree?
A Halloween tree is uncharted territory in our house, so we went with what we knew.  Trees need a garland, topper, and ornaments.  While a Halloween tree could certainly be a scary or gory option for some, we have little kids and wanted to keep it fun and light.  Our Halloween tree decorations are just a little spooky and perfect for the Fall holiday. 
All of our Halloween tree ornaments pay homage to Disney Villains.  As the Disney universe grows, there are a lot of choices.  Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and Fox shows and movies will all make an appearance.
Color was an important part of making our Halloween Tree work.  Our main color feature is Orange.  We took a 99 cent store bright orange feather boa and wrapped it all around the tree.  We also found some orange twinkly lights at our local Goodwill.  We topped our tree with a whimsical Minnie Witch Hat we brought home from our first Mickey’s Halloween Party. While we have several colors featured on all of our different ornaments, having the base color of orange in the lights, garland, and topper really brings the Halloween theme home.
Disney Villain DIY Ornament Ideas
Many of our ornaments are handmade, and easy enough for a child to make. We’ve included links to Amazon for items to use. We also encourage using what you have, thrifted items, and dollar store purchases.  Get creative and just have fun as a family making your own Spooky Disney Villain Halloween tree!

Ursula’s Necklace Ornament

Nothing is simpler than an Ursula, voice stealing necklace ornament.  Simply attach a ribbon with hot glue to a giant snail shell.  The Little Mermaid is a Disney classic that must be represented on any Disney Villain Halloween tree!

Coco Inspired Sugar Skulls Ornament

These sugar skulls are not exactly Halloween themed or villain themed, but they were so fun to make.  Because Dia de los Muertos is so close to Halloween, we thought it might be fun and festive to feature one of our favorite Pixar movies on our tree.  I picked up a multi pack of small fake skulls and painted to look like the sugar skulls on posters from Coco. 

Pom Pom Mickey Ornaments (three different ornaments and videos!)

My creative fourteen year old made three different ornaments using her pom pom making skills.  Mickey isn’t a villain, but he of course needs to represent on a Disney themed Halloween tree!

Poison Apple Ornament

Our Poison Apple Ornament is our favorite on the whole tree.  Snow White’s iconic poison apple has stood the test of time with Disney fans everywhere.  To make this, I suggest first that you ask a teacher friend if she has a fake apple to spare. She will.  I asked on Facebook if any teacher friends had a fake apple and I had multiple offers.  Side note, stop giving teachers fake apples; they do not want them.  If your quest to find one from a teacher friend comes up dry, look for one the next time you are in a thrift shop.  If all else fails, Amazon has your back.

Snow white poison apple ornament

Once you have obtained your apple, transforming it to a scary poison apple is easy! Paint a spooky face using hot glue.  Once the hot glue is dry, simply paint over with green paint.  So easy.  Attach a ribbon at the top and voila, cuteness.

Jack and Sally Ball Ornaments

Jack and Sally are the perfect Halloween tree ornament, and you may even want to carry them over to your Christmas tree.  While these ornaments need a steady hand, they are fairly simple. Use plain craft paint to copy their spooky faces.  Add red yarn for Sally’s wig.

sally nightmare before christmas girl ornament diy

easy jack skellington ornament diy

Disney Villain Toy Repurposed Ornament

I am most proud of these very simple Disney ornaments.  Use any small Disney plastic toy and add a ribbon.  Kid’s meals and the bottom of the toy box is a great place to find figurines to decorate your tree. We only used ‘bad guys’ for our Halloween tree.  We hope to keep our eyes open to find more to decorate our tree with as the years go on. This is a simple ornament any child can make. 

Painting the Roses Red Ornament 

This spooky ornament was so fun, it got its own post. Make sure to check out how to make a set to put on your tree too!

alice in wonderland ornament diy

We finished the look off with handmade black and white bows that hint at “Nightmare before Christmas”, skeletons to hint at Silly Symphony’s “Skeleton Dance”,  w as well as small ‘beanie baby’ Halloween Disney plushies.  We have had so much fun making our Disney themed Halloween tree, I can’t wait to do this every year!

disney villain halloween tree

My friend, Desert Chica took the Villain idea in another direction with a “Star Wars Villain Halloween Tree” – you can check out all her Star Wars Villain Halloween Tree Ideas here!  As we add to our tree over the years we will be sure to add some “Star Wars Bad Guys” to the mix!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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