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The BFG coloring pages – free printables!

bfg coloring pages

The BFG opens in theaters on July 1st and we are thrilled!  Our kids love the classic 1980’s children’s novel. Both kids have read it several times.  The BFG has…

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Pete’s Dragon Sneak Peek

petes dragon trailer

I am thrilled today to share a Pete’s Dragon sneak peek.  I have loved watching classic Disney films reimagined and retold with modern twists and today’s technology. When I saw…

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Moana sneak peek!

Moana sneak peek

I first heard of Moana while at D23 Expo.  Disney shared about so many awesome upcoming movies and of course I am always excited to hear about upcoming animated features. …

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ZOOTOPIA bonus content

Chief Bogo Zootopia

Zootopia fans rejoice!  Today is the day you can watch Zootopia in the comfort of your own living room.  Zootopia is official available for Blu-Ray and DVD today – June…

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The Animators of Zootopia – an Exclusive Interview

animators of zootopia

Zootopia comes to Blu-Ray and DVD in just a few days!  Today I am sharing the highlights of our interview with just a couple of the animators of Zootopia.  Last…

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An interview with the Directors and Producer of Zootopia

producers and directors disney

The smash hit animated film Zootopia comes to Blu-Ray and DVD on June 7th. In anticipation of the movie coming out for home viewing I am sharing an interview with…

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Producer Suzanne Todd sits down for an interview

Alice Through the Looking Glass opens in theaters in just a few days.  In celebration we are sharing some highlights from interviews with the cast and film makers that brought…

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Is Alice Through the Looking Glass too scary for little kids?

is alice too scary for kids

The wait is over!  Alice Through the Looking Glass opens today in theaters and fans are going to be so thrilled!  One thing readers come back to our site for…

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An Interview with Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska plays the role of Alice Kingsleigh in the upcoming film Alice Through the Looking Glass.  This is Mia’s second time playing Alice and she was kind enough to sit…

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Alice Through the Looking Glass Premiere

The Alice Through the Looking Glass Premiere was like a dream come true. Nobody does a celebration quite like Disney and to be a part of it from time to…

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Alice coloring sheet and printables

Alice Through the Looking Glass is almost here!  This highly anticipated sequel opens in US theaters on May 27, 2016.  We are thrilled to share these Alice coloring pages and…

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Is The Jungle Book too scary for kids?

As you all know, I am a big fan of the new trend at Disney where they remake a animated Disney classic into a live action feature.  The Jungle Book…

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Finding Dory coloring sheets

Finding Nemo is one of our family’s favorite movies and we are beyond excited about the long awaited sequel; Finding Dory!  Dory is one of our favorites and we can…

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Free The Jungle Book Printables

the jungle book spot the difference

We love how Disney has been reinventing and remaking animated classics for a whole new generation in live action.  The newest movie coming to theaters in The Jungle Book –…

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Zootopia Review – no spoilers!

The wait is over!  The long anticipated Walt Disney animated film Zootopia opens today!  Zootopia is sure to be the must see movie for the whole family this weekend and…

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Zootopia coloring pages

Who else can’t wait for Zootopia? For now, here are some Zootopia coloring pages. Feel free to share these FREE Zootopia printables with your friends!  Simply click the individual images…

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The Finest Hours Review!

My lovely friend Ashlie from was kind enough to fill in for me at the screening of The Finest Hours.I cannot wait to see this new based on a…

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The BFG – Walt Disney Pictures – trailer released!

Disney's THE BFG

Do you remember The Big Friendly Giant?  I am so excited that three of the world’s greatest storytellers – Roald Dahl, Walt Disney, and Steven Spielberg are bringing The BFG…

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The Good Dinosaur Advent Calendar

the good dinosaur advent calendar

The Good Dinosaur is the perfect movie for the whole family this holiday season. Prepare yourself for lots of feels and warm and fuzzies!  I was thrilled to see The…

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Finding Dory Trailer Released!

Finding Nemo is a Disney Pixar classic and the world has been waiting far too long for a sequel!  I was so thrilled to hear that Finding Dory was in…

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Disney Movies

Disney movies have been a staple for decades.  We feel the Disney name has always stood for revolutionary, wholesome, and timeless.  Generations have enjoyed animation and live action films from Disney for years.  We love classic hand drawn animation, revolutionary computer generated animation, live action based on real life movies, and more!  Here we share interviews with artists, animators, directors, actors, and the people that stories were inspired by.  We do our best to share sneak peeks, trailers, and teasers as soon as they come out. We also share free printable from your favorite Disney movies – Frozen, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, Cinderella, and more!  We share candid insights and recommendations on upcoming movies from our favorite company – Walt Disney Studios!