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Disneyland Engagement Photoshoot

When  Harry and I first were engaged his friend invited us to Disneyland to take some photos – which we thought was a really cute idea.  I should warn you – I am not sure what was going on with my hair back then.  Also – I am not sure why in these pictures both of us look like we have red hair – I kinda had red highlights – Harry didn’t – we aren’t quite sure why the colors are a little weird, but we sure are glad we have these funky pictures!  Our Disneyland Engagement Photoshoot is still dear to our hearts – no matter the weird lighting, harsh shadows, and un-explainable red hair.

They are by no means professional, but we love them!  Happy Throwback Thursday!

Disneyland Engagement picturesAbove the Pirates of the Caribbean

Toontown EngagementEngagement pics in Toontown!

Sleeping Beauty CastleI wish we took these during better lighting – the castle shot is classic!

Disneyland Castle

Disneyland photo shoot

We sure wish we had put a little more thought into the idea of a photo shoot at Disneyland.  I wish we had gone at time when the lighting was a little softer – I wish we had both gotten haircuts (LOL!), I wish we had spent a little more time seeking out cute spots for shots!  Did you have ‘engagement’ pictures at Disneyland?  I would love to see yours!

Today is Disneyland Throwback Thursday Linky day!  Bonus points for pictures with your love!  The linky is giving me trouble so if you have a link please leave in the comment section =)

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Amanda says:

    We had our engagement shots at Disneyland! And California Adventure and the Grand Californian. I wish I was on my real computer so I could show you! We started at the indoor/outdoor hearth at the Grand; then out to the circular courtyard near the hotel entrance to DTD. They got the most AMAZING close up there! We went to Disneyland next and took photos on the carousel. We got a beautiful photo of my ring in the spring tulips planted by the carousel. Of course, a few in front of the castle and on Main Street. Over at California Adventure, we have a shot in front of one of the waterfalls, and a few fun ones in bug’s land. We had a lot of fun that day!

  2. Lalita Malone says:

    Sweet pictures! The hair is fabulous too!

  3. Chauncee Hood says:

    So cute! Yes, you both have hair to talk about, but Harry’s hair is pretty rockin’ in these pics 😉 Disneyland would be such a great place for engagement pics. Maybe you guys can have anniversary pics done there 😉

  4. Beautiful shots! You both look fabulous!

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