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Disneyland SoCal Resident Ticket Discount for 2017

Posted on: by Kate

disneyland socal resident discount information

Disneyland just announced their best discount of the year. The Disneyland SoCal Resident Ticket Discount is by far the best deal for those who live in Southern California. Right now Southern California Residents can enjoy admission to Disneyland for as little as $50 per day with their 3 day ticket! Crowds are lighter during this time of year which is always a bonus, the ticket discount makes it the best deal around!  I am thrilled to share all the information about the 2017 SoCal Resident ticket deal options at the Disneyland Resort.

rides at disney with short waits

Below is all the information you need to know about this great off season discount at Disneyland…..

  • The Disneyland SoCal Resident Ticket is only available for purchase and use by Southern California residents.  Southern California residents within ZIP codes 90000-93599 and Northern Baja California residents within ZIP codes 21000-22999 with proof of residency can purchase these special tickets. Proof of residency is required at admission.
  • This year there are only three day tickets available. You can choose a park hopper or single park per day options. I very much prefer a single park ticket personally. I like to focus on just one park per day, it also is a slightly less expensive option. A single park per day ticket will save money and time.  Both options are a money saver over any other time of the year so you can’t go wrong either way.
  • Tickets are valid from date of purchase (starting on January 9, 2017) through May 22, 2017. The only block out days are April 9, 2017 through April 23, 2017. (Spring Break is always so busy, I personally like to avoid during this time of year).
  • You do NOT need to use tickets in consecutive days, but all days of your pass must be used up before May 25, 2017.
  • Magic Mornings are available with your tickets!  Always take advantage of Magic Mornings. While this is early, it is a great way to visit some of the most popular rides before the majority of guests are in the park.
  • All tickets are for guests ages 3 and up.  There is no additional discount for children.  If your child is under three you will not need a ticket for that child.

Disneyland Fantasyland

Disneyland SoCal Resident Discount Ticket Options

  • 3 Day 1 Park Per Day – $149 (that is less than $50 a day friends!)
  • 3 Day Park Hopper ticket  – $189


This is a great discount over the normal admission prices which start at $95 (child’s ticket) per day for one park. While there appears to only be a 3 day option this year, the SoCal Resident Discount Tickets are an even greater discount than in years past!

Baby's First Trip to Disneyland

Remember to purchase your tickets online.  Buying your tickets online saves you time!  Why wait at the ticket booth when you can be in the gates?!  Guests with Magic Mornings tickets are able to enter the park an hour before the general admission. This gives guests the opportunity to grab a fast pass for the most popular ride, grab a photo with a character, and even ride a couple rides before most guests are even in the gates!

Fast Pass Disney

We love to visit the Disneyland Resort during the off season because crowds are typically smaller so we spend less time in line and more time on rides and enjoying attractions, shows, and treats.  Please note that during this season there are always a few rides closed for renovation and the hours are often shorter.

Toy story mania at Disney

Grab your Disneyland SoCal Resident Discount Tickets Here and also check out all the other info and details.

Looking for more ways to save at Disneyland?  Check out our Disneyland on a Budget article too!

characters at Disneyland

If you are considering an annual pass to the Disneyland Resort there is still time to take advantage of the bonus FREE month!  Pay for 12 months and get one month FREE! I don’t believe I have ever seen Disney make an offer like this.

Disneyland is a splurge for sure, but there is no place more magical. Southern California residents, this is your time to really stretch your Disneyland budget. See you at the Happiest Place on Earth!

*Just added!* I noticed our affiliate partner The Disney Store has an awesome Twice Yearly Sale still going on. Sale shoppers can enjoy deals on clothing and accessories for the park and can even buy souvenirs ahead of time at up to 60% off! Our family has to avoid the gift shops on Main Street, but I always shop during the Twice Yearly sale so we don’t feel like we are going without! Enjoy responsibly!


Until Next Time ~ Kate
Comments: 5 Responses
  1. Tamara Mayer says:

    Would I be able to purchase the 3 day pass at the gate on 4/18.
    We plan on going that day with friends but use the last 2 days after the blockout dates? So sometime in May?
    Basically my day 1 would be in April during the block out.
    Thank you

    • kate says:

      Hi Tammy ~ I would call and check – I believe your purchase needs to be made online – but I would call Disneyland directly – thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. This is such great news! I think we’ll get passes and split it up into one 2 day visit and then go back or a day another time. I’m so excited!

  3. Jessica says:

    I love when they do the SoCal discounts, seriously the best. And since you have 14 days to use them you can even break it up a bit.

  4. Rachel says:

    What a great deal for locals! Thanks for sharing!

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