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#DisneyWasted – Wordless Wednesday Part Two!

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Whoa – So last week we posted a quick Wordless Wednesday with the title #DisneyWasted.  I planned on just sharing a pic of our little one but when I asked if people wanted to join in I had way too many photos sent to share!  I hate to leave anyone out so I decided making a second post was probably a good idea!  “Disney Wasted” is all in good fun – basically it is a photo of someone that just had so much fun at Disney (Land or World – maybe even on a cruise) that they are just passed out.  What’s not to love about that?  So with no further delay – here is #DisneyWasted part two – thank you to the readers and bloggers who shared a photo!

disney-wasted-cupcakethis kiddo was so Disney Wasted he didn’t even want a cupcake!

disney-wasted-musings – So wasted the fireworks didn’t even wake him up!

disney-wasted-lion-kingLive showing of the Lion King?  No thanks, I think I will just pass out. Thanks Mouskatools!

dizzneemomma-wastedDizznee Momma‘s little one is so out she lost her shoe!

disney-wasted-olafWhoa  – the little guy from “Home is Where the Mouse is” is gonna take a little cat nap.

disney-wasted-bus#DisneyWasted on a bus – times two – thanks Teachable Mommy!

disney-wasted-castleTimes two again – this time in front of Cinderella’s Castle – thank you Listen to Elena!

disney-wasted-princessAnother little princess just out cold from too much Disney fun!

disney-wasted-tinkTink hit her max at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

disney-wasted-twodouble the fun – double the crash!


These two had just watched World of Color and now happily in dreamland!

disney-wasted-benchThis kid tried to hold out, but after a little PB & J he just laid down on a bench – cape and all!

disney-wasted-elsaEven Elsa needs to take a break from time to time.

disney-wasted-napShe said “Mom, I’m not tired, I don’t need a nap.”  She was mistaken.

disney-wasted-princess 2Aurora – Out! Mom Approved!

disney-wasted-strollerOne is out for the count, the other is still holding on!

disney-wasted-shhhhPhoto Pass Photographers have always known not to wake someone who is recharging their batteries!  Disney Wasted has always been a fun photo opp!

Do you want to share?  Are you on Instagram?  I have seriously had too many pictures sent or shared to keep up with!  But if you want to follow and tag @CatchingUpWKate with a totally rated G just for fun photo of your kiddo who is passed out from a magical day at Disney please use the hashtag #DisneyWasted I just might repost!

* We are obviously Disney fans, but this is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Disney or it’s affiliates.  It is a collection of fun photos sent by other bloggers and fans.  I shared a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #DisneyWasted during our first trip to Walt Disney World and people rolled with it.  I hope you enjoyed the photos shared as much as I did!  Thank you friends for sharing!*

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Evija says:

    Ha ha this made me chuckle… when kids have to sleep, they just SLEEP! Thank you for sharing with OMHG Wordless Wednesday Link Party.. Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove x

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