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DIY Dora Costume : Easy and Frugal Toddler Costume

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Dora the Explorer has been a beloved children’s show for decades. Many children and even adults love to dress up like Dora for Halloween. Dora is a perfect DIY costume for trick or treat. Dora costumes are comfortable and can be an excellent choice for a last minute toddler costume.

I just had to share what just might be the simplest and certainly the least expensive costume I have yet to make!  Our littlest is all about Dora (she is all about a lot of things – but Dora is her silly cartoon du jour so we are having fun with it!)  Check out our DIY Dora Costume – it just took a little time and a lot of luck! This Dora costume was so comfortable and she was able to wear the costume pieces later in the year too!

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She is only two and doesn’t quite get Halloween yet – but we are hoping she is gonna love this costume for when we trick or treat. We are transforming her into Dora with this simple DIY costume.  She is gonna be so excited!  This costume is so simple it is almost criminal that you can purchase a Dora costume in my mind – I wanted to share quickly how our easy DIY costume came to be…………..

DIY Dora Costume for Toddler

Step 1 – Look exactly like Dora.

dora look a like


(Let’s say for argument sake your kid doesn’t look like a Dora clone – You can purchase a Child’s Wig Dora the Explorer and that should pretty much do it!)

Step 2 – Obtain a “Dora Back Pack” – You can purchase a Dora the Explorer Map & Plush Backpack PURPLE on Amazon -That being said, if the stars align properly as they did for us – you might just find it at a garage sale.  I found a Dora back pack while garage sailing for a mere 25 cents.  Um, yes please!

Dora Back Pack

Step 3 – Obtain orange shorts.  Once again – Amazon is a much better option than driving all around town – especially with free shipping on your purchases and gas being $4 a gallon AND orange shorts being kinda weird – like you can’t be sure they are gonna be at any store you go to right?  Or, once again – you can find them for a quarter at a garage sale.  For real – I got a cute little terrycloth shorts & hoodie set at a garage sale for 50 cents in Dora shorts orange – STOKED!

Step 4 – Obtain a bright pink t-shirt.  It is likely if you have a 2 or 3 year old girl this might already be in her wardrobe – if not, this is the easiest part of the costume to find out and about.  Our little girl got a very cute plain pink t-shirt as part of an outfit she got for her birthday! SWEET!

Step 5 -Dora wears yellow socks and white tennis shoes. This is also something fairly easy to find and might already be in your kiddo’s closet! (Our mostly white shoes have horses on them, I wasn’t about to go out and buy plain white tennis shoes when these worked just fine – also, because I like to brag about it – these are Stride Rite, they had never been worn…. and they were $3 at a garage sale last year – TADA! I’m not including them in the total cost for the costume because we totally already had them!)

Dora Costume DIY

Viola!  DIY Dora costume!  For those of you that like to play the ‘How much did it cost?” home game – you are correct – because of several lucky finds (and the fact that our baby girl is a Dora Doppelganger) our whole costume cost us 50 cents out of pocket.  We had the shirt, socks, and shoes already!  How is that for an awesome Toddler Halloween costume?!  Even if you need to buy all the items new – these are pretty much just regular clothes – so your kiddo will get lots of use out of them later too!  Bonus!

Dora Back Pack and Map for Dress Up!

Order this perfect Dora Back Pack and Map for your little explorer!

Back Pack can even double as a trick or treat bag – although I should warn you that if your toddler is anything like ours, asking her to remove the back pack and hold it in her hands may result in a mini meltdown.

Happy Trick or Treating friends!

dora costume

This Dora Costume is based on the adorable children’s cartoon “Dora the Explorer”. Dora loves to teach preschoolers Spanish while taking adventures with her friend Boots and Backpack.

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. Lalita Malone says:

    Super cute, Kate! Way easier to pull together that the ones for Disney’s Halloween Party, I’m sure!

  2. Linda says:

    A”dora”ble! My 3 1/2 yr old daughter wants to be Dora too so I’m busy perusing the sites trying to figure out how to pull this off. Like you said, I have the pink shirts but need everything else. Thanks for the backpack link!

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