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DIY Pallet Guy – highlighting artists

Posted on: by Kate
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As you know, crafty people always make me smile! Today I am excited to share DIY Pallet Art is all the craze.  I am excited to share a new SoCal artist today as part of my ‘highlighting artists’ series. Today we are talking with Mr. Dave aka “The DIY Pallet Guy” from San Diego.  His Pallet creations are beautiful and very well made. He still runs his growing shop out of his home and sells primarily through Facebook.

DIY Pallet Guy on Facebook

Mr. Dave is here to share with us about how his side business came to be.  His hobby turned home-based business is sure to be an inspiration to other hobby artists with dreams of turning their passion into a business.  There is a lesson here to spouses of artists as well; be an encourager!

wine rack diy pallet guy

1)  Why do you make pallet art? How did you learn? 

The number one reason I make things out of pallet wood is the joy and satisfaction I feel when I see the look on someone face when it’s done.  There’s just something about their reaction that gives me a sense of accomplishment.  To know that I was able to take something (pallet wood) that’s considered trash and turn it into a usable piece of furniture. I love to bless others, and to bring glory to God as well.

Learning how can be answered in one simple statement my wife said to me, “you can make this.” She showed me a picture of something she found made out of pallets and it went from there.  I’ve learned a lot as I’ve worked on different projects, made quite a few mistakes and kept trying.  Her words of encouragement help me keep going and as a result, we’ve had the opportunity to bless many people.

coffee table by DIY Pallet Guy

2)  What made you decide to start a business?

Selling my first piece, which was a coffee table, and getting feedback from others, played an important role in moving forward with DIY Pallet Guy.  As the projects were being finished I started getting more requests for different items.  A coworker asked if I would  build her a headboard and I was a little nervous.  I hadn’t done anything like that before and I wasn’t sure if I could do it.  But then my wife again said to me “You can do it. ”

headboard made with pallets

3)  What are your craft room / work space essentials that you can’t live without?

My work area is kinda unique.  I live in a mobile home park and space is limited.  My back yard, which is no bigger than a parking space for two cars, has become my work room/wood shop/man cave and all around creative space.  The most important thing in this space is the work table I built out of two pallets.  Everything I make starts up on this table as nothing more then pieces of wood.  I love the fact that it’s not perfect, it has holes in it, wood is missing from some places, and it sags in the middle.  I think the work table is a little like me.  I have days when I fell like i’m full of holes.  Other days parts of my life go missing, and then there are times when I feel like it’s all I can do to not sag.  Then I’m reminded of what the Lord has done for me, and how he allows me to be a “tool” in His hand and He builds wonderful things in peoples lives through me.  That is something I can’t live without.


4)      When do you feel the most creative?

When I’m surrounded by lots and lots of wood.  By having different sizes and shapes of pallets it helps me to be creative.  I’ve been able to look at a pallet and say “that’s a headboard” or “that’s a coffee table”  by not limiting myself on the pallets, it helps the creative juices flow and I can have fun.


5)  What is something you know now, but you wish you knew before you started your business?

To not doubt whether I should go for it.  I struggle with confidence in what I create.  I tend to second guess if anyone would want to buy something I build and if it’s worth the time to make it.  Those thoughts get in the way with creating and it holds me back.


6)  How do you get past creative block?

I talk with my wife.  She has a great sense of what people might be interested in, and has helped me look at things from a different angle.


7)  Where can we buy your products?

Right now my products are available through my Facebook page DIY Pallet Guy.

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Thank you so much to Mr.Dave, the DIY Pallet Guy for sharing with us today! I do hope you will check out his Facebook business page linked above. Remember when you buy something from a small business like this one, you are supporting an individual family. Don’t by your Pallet art from Home Goods you guys, buy it from Mr. Dave!

But wait!! We have other San Diego artists here too! In case you missed it, check out San Diego macrame artist Aryn with Fiber & Bloom!

Until Next Time ~ Kate
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  1. ellen beck says:

    Oddly my husband’s name is David, and he too has a love of pallets. I thin for him, he had been a carpenter / contractor until he got cancer and had a heart attack. Seeing all that wood go to waste just bugged him!
    My David has made so many things from pallets and has huge plans to make a fence- ad I dont mean a small on.
    Pallets are easy to work with and although they arent great for outside as they do rot quickly, they can be treated.

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